Streets of Rage 2

released on Dec 20, 1992

Mr. X and the Syndicate are back, this time taking Adam hostage! Take on the role of Axel, Blaze, Skate, or Max to rescue Adam, and destroy Mr. X once and for all.

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Mas de dos años que dejé pasar el mejor título del sistema.

Streers of Rage 2, what an absolute banger of a sequel. The first streets of Rage was a classic, but it was missing something you know?
Then suddenly Yuzo Koshiro and his family came together to develope an insane sequel with better enemies, more characters, and a soundtrack that goes down as the absolute peak of the Genesis Line up in my personal opinion.
If you love beat um ups and have a few hours to burn, this is a must play.

For me this game is the highlight of the genre. Super satisfying and still holds up