The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

released on Nov 22, 2013

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The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

released on Nov 22, 2013

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds is the first Zelda game made exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS. A daring adventure awaits Link in Hyrule, where he can use his new ability to become a "drawing" and move along walls of dungeons. This opens up ways to explore and puzzle elements that give Link access to locations he could not otherwise reach.

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A Link to the Past is one of my favorite games of all time, and it is what got me into the Zelda series, so imagine my shock when I found out, while looking for a new Zelda game to play, that there was a sequel to ALTTP. Quite honestly, I thought this game looked pretty dumb. "You turn into... a painting??" I thought. I played it during January of this year and simply couldn't get into it. "This isn't right, this game is practically A Link to the Past in all but name" I thought to myself, "I should be having the time of my life." Alas, I shelved it.

Perhaps it was the mindset I was in during that time, because 4 months later, or about a week ago as I write this, while having an itch to replay ALTTP again, I decided, instead, to give this game another shot, and I had an absolute blast. This painting feature that I was first thought was stupid and an uncreative gimmick was actually pretty damn good, and changed how I perceived each dungeon due to how well they were implemented into them.
The thing that really makes this game great though, in my opinion, is the renting feature. Very early into the game you are able to "rent" (and further into the game buy) quite literally every single item in the game, except bottles and items you earn from side quests. So from the beginning you are able to tackle the dungeons in the overworld in any order you want. This really shines a lot more in the dark world, or Lorule though, where you are tasked to complete seven dungeons, in any order you want. This little change in ALTTP's formula makes it a lot more than a sequel/reimagining. Then there's, of course, the dungeons, which are all amazing. The only issue I can really think of is that the dungeons, and game is general, is pretty easy, as I died a whopping one time, compared to the large amount of deaths I had in ALTTP. I do not think that makes this game worse though, the bosses are still pretty challenging I like to think. Other than that though the dungeons are pretty creative and damn near perfect if I'm being honest.
Another thing I really love about this game as well, and about ALTTP too I suppose, is exploring the overworld. Looking around for heart pieces, bottles, sidequests, and more specifically in this game maiamais is seriously so much damn fun, which makes me appreciate the pins they allow you to add to the map, something I wish I could do in ALLTP, but I digress.
The story is alright, the big bad is your standard "I'm gonna bring Ganon back and take over the world" antagonist. I really love Ravio and Hilda though. The story of Lorule and how it fell into chaos was pretty interesting.
Lastly, this game has a god damn amazing soundtrack. A lot of the tracks are remixes are ALTTP tracks which I don't mind in the slightest, I mean Lorule's theme is fucking amazing.
All in all, I would say this game is a better Link to the Past in almost every way (There are some things I like in ALTTP more like the art style for example).
If you were a fan of ALTTP, or Zelda games in general, you are seriously doing yourself a disservice not playing this

THOUGHT I got everything but turns out I missed ONE BOTTLE

La estética está guay e incluso tiene algo de historia, pero no veas que basura de mazmorras.

It´s cute and it´s a Zelda that I actually finished but not my cup of tea overall.

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Wow, essa mecânica de atravessar paredes é muito criativa! Só acho que comparado a outros games da franquia ele acaba perdendo qualidade em relação a progressão, level design, e principalmente se parecer demais com o "A Link to the Past".

Actually worthwhile Link to the Past sequel. Damn.