The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

released on Mar 03, 2017
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

released on Mar 03, 2017

In this 3D open-world entry in the Zelda series, Link is awakened from a deep slumber without his past memories in the post-apocalyptic Kingdom of Hyrule, and sets off on a journey to defeat the ancient evil Calamity Ganon. Link treks, climbs and glides through fields, forests and mountain ranges while meeting and helping friendly folk and defeating enemies in order to gather up the strength to face Ganon.

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An amazing Journey. The moments of peace, quiet and solitude that this game has given me, those piano notes lingering in the air, the sound of my steps running through the grass... they can not be compared with any other game.

And for that, I am eternally thankful.

However, I feel the game it's too longo/big for my taste, and this sublime experience gets diluted half way. I didn't like the combat (I know you can go crazy creative but not for me), etc...

So yeah, there some things that can be polished, but it's hard not to understand the value of this game and to look at it with awe when I think it's a WiiU game from like 4 years ago.

Another thing: I didn't wanted it to end. I was getting bored in the end, feeling a bit forced, and still, I wanted it to be there, to never end... it's a weird feeling.

What now?

"Go get a new weapon because your old one broke for the 5th time this play session" simulator. It's incredibly hard to enjoy the exploring when you always have to interrupt yourself to re-equip. I enjoy the recourse gathering and exploring but I desperately wish my equipment progress wasn't so fluid and obnoxious.

Also, I miss dungeons. The shrines are neat little distractions but the lack of dungeon structure makes the progression less fluid and the whole game suffers from a lack of setpieces.

I don't really have a strong reason to review this right now, since I've had this game for close to 3 years now and have beaten it twice with 160+ hours to support that notion.
But screw it, there is never a bad time to talk about this game.
A lot of the time I feel boring saying that this game is my favorite game of all time because, yeah, everyone praises this game, and sometimes it gets boring to bring up in conversation.
But I don't care, I just want to put it on the record how much I adore this game. I makes me want to punch a hole in the sun in all the best ways.
The world is still beautiful and just fun to walk around in, make your own fun, play it at your own pace, however you choose to pursue it, is fine by the game. I went 20 hours before I realized you could cook food, it feeds your curiosity and rewards it consistently.
The story while less than expected, is still really exciting to go through, with it being momentous while not being intrusive.
I know that this game isn't a 10/10 for everyone, with many little things bothering people; rain, weapon durability, etc. I never really was bothered by them, they are moderate annoyances at first, but when you play Breath of the Wild, it's the annoyances that lead you to play the game differently, and make up techniques on the go.
This game is my happy place, and for that, I will forever be in this games dept.

The only revelatory thing to me about this game is that I am just not a Zelda guy