The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

released on Dec 07, 2009

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The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

released on Dec 07, 2009

The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks sets hero Link on a daring new adventure. The game provides players with a new story, more puzzles and even a new mode of transportation. In this game, Link voyages by train, which offers up new possibilities for problem-solving.

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I absolutely adore this game. I got it for my 10th birthday from my Grandma and my aunt, and I have the absolute best memories playing this. The two of them took me out to eat, and I couldn't put the game down. I remember playing it for the first time in Gram's car, and then being force-fed a zucchini later on while I was trying to play. What a game.

I love the aesthetics of this game probably near the most out of any other game. The colors are fantastic, the world, the music, and the story all super compelled me as a kid. And the fact that it's a direct sequel to my first ever Zelda game and my current favorite at the time!?? Doesn't get any better than this!

I pretty much beat this one a few months, if not a few weeks after I got it. I had a lot of fun with it, and it's another game I definitely should try to pick up again.

While I think this game is objectively better than Phantom Hourglass, I don't like this one as much. To me, the Tower of Spirits was way too complicated, and I didn't enjoy going through it. The story is actually pretty decent, with the probably my favorite iteration of Zelda. The music is also really really good. The item and dungeon design for the most part was pretty creative too.
But that being said, there were also some mechanical changes to the game's engine, which made it less fun for me to play. I still think it's a good game, but it could have been way better.

I don't know why I thought this game would be better than Phantom Hourglass, but it wasn't. Like before, the problem wasn't the touch screen controls. They mostly work. Most dungeons are reasonably well put together too. The problem is most of the game is a slog, traveling around by train is mostly just inconvenient, and while you don't have to quite repeat areas in the stealth dungeon, there's still a stealth dungeon and it's still not fun at all. The game still misses more than it hits.

Link and Thomas the tank engine make a great team