Warm Snow

released on Jan 19, 2022

'Warm Snow' is a Rogue-like action game with a background set in a dark fantasy world, where the eerie 'Warm Snow' holds sway. You will play as the Warrior 'Bi-an' on a crusade against the Five Great Clans, in order to save a world teetering on the brink of destruction.

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This game is surprisingly good.
Gameplaywise it's a chinese version of Hades. The main game is quiet easy and should be a fast playthrough, but the game has a ton of post main game content. A lot of stuff to unlock, higher difficulties, the free DLC adds a nightmare storyline and an endless, with more random stages and adds even more stuff to unlock.
With all the later updates and additions in the post game it's a good rouge-like, more on the easy side (compared to Hades or Enter the Gungeon), but a fun playthrough.
[Edit:] After playing a lot more of the game, the game at some build suddenly turns into something that feels like Vampire Survivors. Enemy Spam, endless amount of damage numbers on screen and just guessing what's happening. I don't really like it. To bad, I really enjoyed figuring out all the diffrent builds. At this point the game became kind of boring.

i dont know the game set on easy mode or what . all u do is keep press the attack bottom and you win no matter what you do

There isn't much story here, and the translation is rough. However, there is a LOT of build variety, and a really solid foundation for an action roguelite. If you're looking for a good action roguelite and don't necessarily need all of the trimmings, this is a perfect pick-up.

Sort of simplified, Chinese, lower budget version of Hades. Fun game.