Yellow Taxi Goes Vroom

Yellow Taxi Goes Vroom

released on Apr 09, 2024

Yellow Taxi Goes Vroom

released on Apr 09, 2024

Make full use of your advanced move-set to navigate hand-crafted retro worlds without a jump button in this vibrant love letter to the N64 era of collectathons!

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Yellow Taxi is a silly little collectathon that is a very pleasant and polished experience. The core gimmick of the game, other than you playing as a sentient wind up taxi, is that there is no jump button. this requires you to combo some of your actions in order to get some height, which ends up making for some very fun moments. While the control scheme is simple, a big part of this game is finding the optimal way to string together your moves in order to get the most height or distance possible to reach those difficult to reach collectables. If I had some minor complaints, I think the top down levels are pretty slow and frustrating compared to the rest of the game, and the morio's mind level has a frustrating hazard that gets in the way of traversing the level in any fun way. Otherwise this game was excellent and had me smiling all the way to the end.

What a fantastic game! It's got a great, unique control scheme and some really inventive level design. There's a ton of content here, and it never really gets stale? Very impressive!

My only thing with it is a personal one. I probably won't beat this game because I kind of can't? I suffer from migraines, which means that I tend to be pretty sensitive to sound and "noisy" visuals, which are core to this game's visual style. They're done very well, too!! It's just a lot for me, to the extent that, after a normal play session, I usually need to cover my eyes and let them rest for a bit.

That was longer than my actual praise for the game lol but really! It's a great game! I just want to be clear for anyone with my sort of accessibility concerns.

fun romp of a game. the low poly, colorful aesthetic looks great. the game is very very responsive and it makes exploring the levels more fun. some of the levels have a timer and are inspired by crazy taxi, where you have to drive people to destinations to gain time. I think those levels aren't really fun though; I'll just be trying to explore the level and get the collectibles and have to gain time here and there which feels pointless and annoying. had a good time overall though!

elon musk comedy with a cameo from the man himself

Yellow Taxi Goes Vroom hooked me from the trailer, and I'm glad to say that fully playing the game pleased me more than I thought it would. I ended up falling in love with the gimmick of figuring out how to maneuver through a platformer with no jump button, and I feel really confident in saying how it ended up being some of my favorite controls for a 3D platformer I've played ever. I've said before that I'm not a huge platformer person, and I'm not, but something with Yellow Taxi Goes Vroom hits me just right. Maybe it's my hidden obsession with tiny toy cars, maybe it's the way the bright colors mixed with the polygon graphics and music, maybe it really is those tight controls - all I know is I'm not a platformer person and yet I 100%'ed this game over the past couple of days. I have never had a platformer completely cloud my thoughts in the way Yellow Taxi Goes Vroom has to the point that when I wasn't playing it, I was just thinking about playing it. It's perfect: in control, design, length, story, everything! I finished the entire goddamn thing and I'm still thinking about when I can play it again!

Absolutely a shining star for new releases in 2024. Can't wait to see what else Panik Arcade has up their sleeve, because they have gained a very loyal fan.