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CWs for Bossgame: The Final Boss is My Heart: implied transphobia, child-parent abuse
Fluffy but challenging rom-com fantasy action game targeting mobile release. The controls and boss mechanics fall right into your hand like your favorite Flash game probably did. The flirty-shy wlw couple at the center of the game is earnest and cute where most other writers struggle to stay believable or avoid being insufferable. The plot takes no big swings and is better for it, with a melange of JRPG and shounen plot beats smooshed into very little dialogue, retro 1st person RPG encounter views, and dialogue driven novel game segments. The perfect game to squeeze in a chapter of on your break at work.

Clever action game for mobile that makes good use of the phone interface! You have this stamina bar which also acts as your health/shield, and fight with two team members at once against enemies which throw attacks you have to guard against. Winning fast involves shielding at the right time for as short as possible, and managing to keep one of the two characters' attacks up. In between battles are some story sections in which the two characters learn the truth of their church and the demons in the world.