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The first two Metroid games did not age well. The 3DS remake is much more enjoyable, even though this version still has its merits.

Super underrated but still flawed for sure. Probably the best thing is the atmosphere this game makes. There's such an eerie, claustrophobic feeling you get plunging deep into the caverns of an alien world, hunting for metroids that are gradually becoming stronger and more horrifying as you progress. And the ending sequence is incredibly cinematic and terrifying for a Game Boy game from 1991. But the fact that most rooms look exactly the same so you get lost easily and the somewhat clunky controls make it a bit hard to recommend. But if you can push through all that, this game is a great experience for any Metroid fan

I have very fond memories with this game. As a kid, my first playthrough was done alongside a friend, and we both challenged each other not to look up guides or anything.
We would explore the game and share details with each other when we both got stuck, trying to see who could beat the game first. Whenever I found a cool weapon he hadn’t, I felt a sense of pride. I imagine he felt the same when he showed me where he got an upgrade that I didn’t find.
That said… that’s the only context I hold fondness for and find it hard to return to and replay. The lack of a map was fun for a challenge back then but now it’s just cumbersome, the aspect ratio on the sprites is also not fun to work with. The game is just okay.

Metroid 2 is a fantastic game for the Game Boy. It's full of atmosphere, eerie music, hostile as fuck Metroids, and the kind of very satisfying progression I've grown used to with the previous Metroid. The only problem I see with the game is the lack of a map system can make it frustrating to nevigate. But there's a reason why this game has a dozen fan remakes. It's a pretty stellar Metroid game. Definitely worth the little time it takes on NSO.