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I'm really disappointed. Based on the trailers I was interested, but in the end this game is just bad.
The gameplay is usal Dontnod game design. Neither good nor particularly bad.
But the narrative is the big disappointed.
The story is nothing.
The characters are nothing.
It's written worse than a mediocre CSI-episode.
And the eponymous "Twin Mirror" is just a advertising gimmick. It has no real impact on the story. To be honest it's quite irrelevant. No deep story about psyche or anything like that.
I love crime-thrillers and there aren't enough good crime thriller games. And Twin Mirror ist just another bad one.

This game is getting brutalised in Metacritic user reviews but as a big Dontnod Entertainment fan I gave it a shot and it's pretty decent.

Looks much better than their previous games, the mind palace sections are a lot of fun and the characters are likeable enough even if you won't remember them in a few weeks.

As for the bad It's much shorter than the Life is Strange games and Tell Me Why so feels a little rushed so unless you're desperate for this kind of thing I'd recommend waiting for a sale.

Solid 6/10 for me keeping the £25 price tag in mind. Nowhere near as bad as I've been reading.

Me gustan los juegos que realmente me hagan sentir algo y Twin Mirror definitivamente ha hecho clic. ¿Cuántas veces en la vida hay algo que te haya hecho daño y ha hecho que también abandones cosas que aprecias en el camino de reconstruirte? Twin Mirror habla de como debemos apreciar lo que realmente tenemos por medio de su protagonista Sam Higgs, el cual se ve obligado a abandonar su pueblo natal tras una dolorosa ruptura. Puede que Dontnod necesite renovar su registro, sin embargo, sus juegos siguen creando esa atmósfera de nostalgia que los caracteriza. Esta vez con un toque más adulto y detectivesco. Sin duda el highlight gráfico de Dontnod.

Dontnod's best looking game is also their least interesting. Can we stop comparing everything to Twin Peaks just because it has a small town and some trees?