Felt like updating my review, as the Synchrony DLC has since come out of early access.
In my original review, I complained about the new 4.0 engine's quirks and nuances. I picked up the game in 2017, just after Amplified came out, and I got really familiar with the game. It has the second highest playtime on my steam page (and I put over 200 hours into the switch version too.) So, when the new engine came around, the small changes really bothered me.

Certain exploits, glitches, or even basic interactions were changed as the game was essentially rebuilt. Most of them have been addressed and reinstated since early access, and I am not as frustrated as I was originally with the changes. Plus, there is a new legacy option to play with the old engine, something I had wished for in my old review. It's the best of both worlds! The online cross-play that Synchrony offers is genuinely really cool.

Necrodancer was such a unique take on the rogue like formula at the time, and it took hold of my life. I have many memories with it and it changed the way I look at both rhythm games and rogue likes. In hindsight, it seems obvious that old turn based rogue likes could be adapted into a rhythm game: your hand is forced to make a move before you are ready, your strategy always shifting and changing just like the enemies around you. It's such a thrilling grind, pulsing with the tunes of legendary indie composer Danny Baranowsky. It's hard to describe how Necrodancer makes me feel.

The learning curve is steep. VERY steep. There is an excellent video essay describing why Necrodancer has one of the hardest PS4 platinums. Not to mention that both Amplified and Synchrony have their own achievements too! However, I would argue that it is simple to pick up and learn. Anyone can beat Cadence with a little practice and patience!

The mechanics are brilliant. The music is top notch. I'll never be able to get all the achievements, but the grind is extremely addicting!

Reviewed on Apr 02, 2024