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For as much as I love the original Splatoon, I have to admit that I wear rose-tinted glasses when I play this game. Splatoon 2 improved a lot in terms of player experience, and Splatoon 3 was polished to a glowing sheen. But every IP needs to start somewhere, and that start was on the black sheep of a console: The Wii U.

I really wanted to pick up this game again before the servers went down, and I'm glad I did. It reminded me how ambitious this title was for Nintendo, and how it was one of their most unique IPs in a long time. It also reminded me of good memories almost 10 years ago (oH no I'm getting old ACK). To say I look back on this title fondly is an understatement, so I will try my hardest to be unbiased in this review.

Splatoon was Nintendo's family friendly take on the third person shooter genre. It was also their most ambitious online game yet. While previous titles only offered online connectivity as a fun leaderboard thing or as a side mode, Splatoon was one of Nintendo's first games to be primarily played online. The single player content took a backseat to the main draw of the game: 4v4 paintball battles.

It didn't initially start with the inklings we know and love, but it seems obvious in hindsight. Being able to hide in ground you've painted was an innovative concept, and the turf war game mode was a fresh twist on the genre instead of solely focusing on PKs. The strategy was very different to other shooters at the time, as sometimes you wanted to PK and other times you wanted to be frantically inking the ground before time ran out. Ranked mode switched it up when turf got boring, with Rainmaker, Tower Control, Splat Zones, and more!

Now, how well does it hold up today? Splatoon 1 has some signs of aging that are especially noticeable if you've put any time into its two sequels. Of course, its running on the Wii U, so the ink has less shine to it and some of the models are a little jagged, not to mention that online matches can drop frames more often than the switch entries. Lots of QOL features are missing, like being able to change gear between matches and seeing what weapons each team has at the top of the screen. And while Splatoon 3 uses largely the same physics as Splatoon 2, The original Splatoon's physics feel off. Aiming isn't as sensitive and movement can feel clunky at times (try swimming up a curved slope without bonking!) but it has its own charm to it in a way.

In contrast, using the gamepad for the map is a DREAM. Being able to see the map without obscuring your main view is fantastic, and touch controls for super-jumping is surprisingly intuitive. I wish I could use the gamepad for modern Splatoon games, seriously.

Finally, as far as actual content goes, it is much simpler than the switch entries, lacking weapon staples like the dualies and brellas. The specials in Splatoon 1 are crazy OP though, there are TWO specials that make you invincible. Not to mention bomb rush's incredible strength to turn the tide of battle! In many ways, I feel like the simple loadout offerings only add to the charm of the game. It plays a little slower, but more strategically as well, since your opponents can be more predictable.

Is it a good game to play in the current year? Well, no. I'm writing this the day that the Wii U and 3DS servers shut down, so playing it is kinda hard unless you want to use a server replacement like Pretendo. If you've played either of the sequels on switch, it's largely more of the same. Many people got into the franchise with Splatoon 2, and I don't think those people would enjoy the slower, clunkier nature of the original.

However, if you did play Spoon 1 all those years ago, when the switch was still known as project NX, then a few matches might be a fantastic way to spend an evening!

God, I'll miss this game...

Felt like updating my review, as the Synchrony DLC has since come out of early access.
In my original review, I complained about the new 4.0 engine's quirks and nuances. I picked up the game in 2017, just after Amplified came out, and I got really familiar with the game. It has the second highest playtime on my steam page (and I put over 200 hours into the switch version too.) So, when the new engine came around, the small changes really bothered me.

Certain exploits, glitches, or even basic interactions were changed as the game was essentially rebuilt. Most of them have been addressed and reinstated since early access, and I am not as frustrated as I was originally with the changes. Plus, there is a new legacy option to play with the old engine, something I had wished for in my old review. It's the best of both worlds! The online cross-play that Synchrony offers is genuinely really cool.

Necrodancer was such a unique take on the rogue like formula at the time, and it took hold of my life. I have many memories with it and it changed the way I look at both rhythm games and rogue likes. In hindsight, it seems obvious that old turn based rogue likes could be adapted into a rhythm game: your hand is forced to make a move before you are ready, your strategy always shifting and changing just like the enemies around you. It's such a thrilling grind, pulsing with the tunes of legendary indie composer Danny Baranowsky. It's hard to describe how Necrodancer makes me feel.

The learning curve is steep. VERY steep. There is an excellent video essay describing why Necrodancer has one of the hardest PS4 platinums. Not to mention that both Amplified and Synchrony have their own achievements too! However, I would argue that it is simple to pick up and learn. Anyone can beat Cadence with a little practice and patience!

The mechanics are brilliant. The music is top notch. I'll never be able to get all the achievements, but the grind is extremely addicting!

This review contains spoilers

Unsighted was an interesting little game. The gameplay mechanics intrigued me, and it had been sitting in my steam library for too long, so I finally got around to playing it. And it was a pleasant time!

You play as an automaton that has gained self-conscience through a magical material called Anima. You're a part of a society of self-aware robots that are fighting the humans on the planet. The anima that keeps you all sane has been captured by the humans for experimenting, and each robotic NPC has a time limit before they perish. Your goal is to reclaim the anima and save robotic kind.

The story is okay, it has its moments but to be completely transparent I was left wanting a little more explanation on certain parts. The romance plot point between Alma and Raquel was not really my thing, but it was well executed nonetheless.

I'm a little torn on my thoughts for Unsighted. It has lots of gameplay mechanics that don't mesh together neatly. One of the big ones, the time limit on every character, makes you want to rush. But... there's also crafting and fishing, which makes you want to slow down and explore a little more. They are all well designed as self contained features, but the sum of their parts feels unfocused.

The world is really well designed and fun to explore (even on a time limit!) In metroidvania fasion, there were spots that needed certain items or abilities to proceed, but it was not frequent enough to be annoying. Overall, the world felt like a zelda and metroid mashup, with the dungeons seamlessly transitioning into each other and the world. Plenty of shortcuts are around too when you get far enough in. Plus, the spinner item makes quick traversal a breeze!

The final boss was kinda annoying. There's a boss rush one at a time, then another boss rush with two bosses at a time. It was challenging to focus on parrying both of them, and it was a little repetitive too. The first boss rush would've been fine by itself. After spending an hour on the second rush, I first tried the actual final boss. Sooo... I dont know how to feel about it to be honest.

That kinda sums up the experience for me. It was really cool and had tons of great ideas, but many of the mechanics felt distant from each other. I enjoyed it, dont get me wrong, but I'm still not entirely sure how I feel about it. If you enjoy Zelda games or Metroidvanias, or you prefer a simple indie story, I'd reccomend Unsighted. Just be careful with your time management. I'm lucky I finished it on my first go, but if you don't like permadeath or a clock hanging over your head, maybe skip this one.