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Truly is hard to say what has not been said at this point. Sadly, I have been away quite some time thanks to life getting in the way and Final exams as well as diving in as much as I can sense I picked up this monster of a game. Hopefully now I will have some more time to focus on my backlog for a bit.
I find it very interesting that with breath of the wild I found myself losing interest in the shrines and forcing myself to try to do some of the side quests and explore a giant map with lots of open spaces. TOTK easily fixed that issue with its newer shrines that were actually fun to find and experience and this game ended up grabbing ahold to me somehow and I instantly got addicted to being able to solve different puzzles and situations all up to my own creativity. There is no one single solution to practically anything in the game and I love that. Listening to their fans and fixing nearly all the issues besides the pain in the ass durability.
The world building with the characters and fleshing out of the past sages and story scenes really gave it an extra layer of depth and made me enjoy this timeline of our Hero even more. I definitely feel like they could pull off a LoZ Jrpg with all the companions you meet that help you in your quest.
One of my biggest issues is the lack of reaction or involvement with Link as a character in any of the plot points. I completely understand he has and always will be a “silent protagonist”, but there was many missed opportunities to breathe life into one of the most badass versions of Link we have gotten, especially with how cool he was in “Age of Calamity”. More than half the time when characters talk to him in cutscenes we do not even see his face or any type of reaction, I mean come on you gotta give me something here!! Even so, the final act and epilogue truly blew me away with a battle I definitely can rank as one of the best for me at this time in the Zelda franchise and with each installment I become an even bigger fan of this series. I do feel bad for the ones who wanna play breath of the wild before this one because you may be facing some serious burnout with the amount of staggering content between the both of them.
Fantastic game all in all. My only question at this point is where’s my princess Zelda dude?! 🤷🏻 🧚‍♂️

Definitely could have waited for a price drop on this one, not a fan of the whole "play through the whole game again to actually beat it" cop-out unless it is done really damn well. This game does good at making a fun unique take on the Metroidvania style, but I don't understand how you can make a game with branching paths and secrets to unlock without adding a map option anywhere besides when you first get a glimpse of the stage you are selecting. So to just beat the game once you have to play through it twice and to get the other endings you have to collect nearly everything. I had tried to find the parts to this side quest that the compass showed, but the items would never show up. Loved the enemies and characters' sprites and beautiful artwork, it's not a bad game, but it does have a decent amount of setbacks that could have been avoided. I still enjoyed it, just not what I expected this game to be.

Pretty nice for what it is. Nice of them to add this "addition" for free and sadly with two characters and a stage missing which I assume will be added once they manage to release separate ways. Down to its core, it's pretty similar to the good ol' RE4 mercenaries' experience with the edition of the mayhem power-up they had in RE8 village which is pretty damn helpful with certain encounters and facing overwhelming odds at times. Took about an hour or so to clear each level with a character with an S rank which seems easier than the original.