A pretty fast doom game, with a story you can't follow because you are too busy shooting the enemies and not reading the subtitles

Baldur's Gate 3 is properly one of the best games i have played, but i did not "fix" the problems i normally run into, when i play RPG games, like always feeling underpower and unprepared for battles. But the story, the characters, the world building and the environments are what kept me going, and i am happy that i spent the 80 hours playing through this amazing game

A fun expansion for a already great game. It feels like they learned a lot from making the base game about pacing and variety of gameplay and put all their experience into the expansion

Turbo Overkill is one of the best boomer shooters i have ever played, with great level design, a banging soundtrack and with it's own visual style that reminds me of a modern PS1 game

I recently picked up this game again, having played it originally on X360 back in 2011, and i remember the game being good.

Being quite fond of the shooter games from that era of gaming, i love going back to visit them now to see how well those games were.

Well, maybe Frontlines wasn't that good. The game is quite easy, but most weapons don't feel very good to shoot with, which ups the difficulty of the game. The story is not really anything to write home about, and compared to other games of the time, the graphics are not all that impressive, even when played on max settings

A worthy follow up to Spider-Man and the Miles Morales games, while this game isn't perfect, and the story can loose you a bit sometimes, it still manages to bring all the loose ties back together for a complete package

Cute little puzzle game the tells at story without saying any words