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i have never felt more hopeless in my life

Can’t wait for this game to be unfairly and completely ripped to shreds before annoying online personalities in a few years release “Starfield 3 Years Later: A Hidden Masterpiece?” This is inevitably a Bethesda game after all, but there is something magical in waiting for a new release. Todd Howard’s passion project love baby - so intricately dense and in parallel shallow with the same issues that plague anything he touches that, if I can’t lie, was exactly what I expected. And at the end of the day I can’t really complain - Hundreds of hours will be put into what’s made here - exploring, scavenging, talking and raiding until I’m left slamming my head wondering why I even bothered. Don’t even bother reading many reviews. It’s Starfield.

To all the Pokémon fans who unanimously agreed these were a weak point in the series - I pity you. Game Freak goes full-blazing and warps the original continuity of vanilla Sun and Moon into something more... "definitive?" Definitive is a incorrect choice of words, as GF instead cranks up integral values of the Poke-experience and leads you to play the boom-based mess left. The writing is uniquely strange and diverges to the point where it just sort of hinders whatever story beats you thought were going to be hit next - most characters have mild-ish growth but god-dammit you'll learn to love these guys so much (giving the professor a personality?). Fights are too easy and then on the same route too hard when US/UM decides it wants to have a difficulty spike day. Key elements of a game most find cumbersome - but this is what Pokémon is. Be charmed by this game like I did - or don't. Tropical settings are neat. Pokémon forms are awesome. Gladion and Lillie are forever my little scrimblos.