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This Puzzle game is no where near as good as people have been calling it, that I can't even call it positive. The Interpretation of the game is that you are actually a man testing the game that is being made, until you finish your true task and leave the game, and afterwards, the tester sees patterns for a while from playing the game, causing a Tetris effect, and after checking the game out, the hidden meaning I got from this game is that it is a warning about perceptions, but the problem is the way they get across it is very lazy, the puzzles only hint at a bad perception of playing games, that easily go away when life gets in the way, and the only things that give the meaning of meaningful perceptions are just tapes and videos inserted into the game for players to find, listen to, and that's it, the thought process is as confusing as 1-getting examples of my meaning, 2-copy, 3-paste, 4-sell it for a lot of money, that is not an impressive way to show different perceptions in any way other than "How to do a hidden meaning without imagination being put into it" and when the whole point of the game, the thing that makes the "nothing but the same task" gameplay meaning is lazily done, that makes the game BAD and lazily done. The Graphics are beautiful, very simplistic, but the art style's shows off it's tools in a stunning island to travel through. The Gameplay has you travel around the island solving different types of line puzzles, but you have to learn the answers to them for yourself to discover, and the many types of ways in each various area can be easier or harder depending on the player, well also finding environments that look like parts of the puzzles as well if you look hard enough, until the 2 endings, the puzzles themselves can be fun, and interesting of how to beat them, but it could also bore people depending on the type of player, and the biggest problem with the gameplay is that not all of the various areas use the environment is a different way to solve them, which is bad since the majority show a different way of including the environment to them, but a few random places don't for some reason, and it feels out of place, especially since the hidden meaning I thought of behind this game suffers from whole areas that don't focus on using the environment, since the Hidden meaning of the game relies on seeing the real world in a certain perception, but they decide to only do that for certain areas, and skip that format on others, and even without that, there is nothing between the different areas of the game for an interesting transition, it's just do 1 area to activate a beacon, now walk to any other one and do the same, until you done enough areas to activate the mountain area, that isn't enough for interesting rewards or goals, also the line puzzles at the end of the Jungle area don't sound like the size of the dots they represent to me, the Town's light puzzles can be confused for the light puzzle "that was introduced better" from the greenhouse, and will cause you to get this puzzle wrong, and I hate the Town panel with shadows that is actually supposed to be solved by finding an area that light shines off of it. The Music is very peaceful to hear, gives off an relaxing island atmosphere that benefits the environment surrounding the game. The Witness is an example of how lazy meanings can trick people into thinking a product is good, and only exist to make it easier for intelligent critics to show how to tell the difference between doing meanings/themes right or wrong.

This review contains spoilers

Best Time Travelling mechanics ever. The Story is that a man has to save a princess from an evil monster, don't worry, It's not what you think it is, it pays homages to Super Mario Bros in a few aspects, but the story outside of that is different, and well concocted, the hidden meaning is very interesting when comparing it to it's not hidden counterpart, and the twist ending of chapter 1, is amazing, I won't spoil that here. The Characters of Tim, and the princess' personality come out in the hints around the game about their relationship, as the game focuses on gameplay with no voice acting, but it is interesting, and makes you want to dive deeper into it. The Graphics are very appealing to look at, the art style is very sinister, despite the bright feel used for the more serious scenes, and the bright moments are pleasing with the outlines and shades. The Gameplay has Tim "in a 2D side scroller" travelling from one area to the next, while collecting puzzle pieces to reveal more behind the story, while using time controlling mechanics to help him, they range from rewinding time, fast forwarding time, glowing areas/ objects that aren't effected by it, a previous self's actions carrying over to the current one's, and a ring that slows time near it when placed, these unique gameplays makes Braid nominee for best time travel game ever made, and the themes behind time in this game are also supported by the story of Tim's struggles, and despite it's short length, it doesn't need to be any longer than it was for the story the game presents. Music and Sounds are appeasing to the ears, sinister feel, and beautiful tracks are played throughout the game, and the Sound Effects are beautiful tones when they happen, or ones that are appealing for the correct tone of scene. Braid gives the world the very best that time travel has to offer the video game industry, and a story which alone is worth the price of admission, let alone the gameplay that comes with it.

This review contains spoilers

This is actually a game, but that doesn't change that it is one of the worst things you can watch or play. The Story is that a man carves a puppet that he knows somehow will be alive, but it immediately behaves badly stealing and running away without the man "Geppetto" going after him, but Pinocchio comes back after randomly feeling guilty without an explanation and according to the narrator "like a good son came back home" except a good son wouldn't have left in the first place, later Pinocchio goes to the theatre instead of school after he enjoys the music and uses the book Geppetto sold his only coat for as an entry fee, "I'm not complaining about that, as that did happen in the original novel", but the puppets in the show recognize him, "Despite the fact that this version doesn't establish that he knew these puppets from before he was carved into a puppet" and the director give Pinocchio 5 GOLDEN pennies to give to Geppetto after he felt sorry for them, but on Pinocchio's way home, he ran into 2 criminals "Despite the narrator saying their are 3" telling him to grow more money by burying it, and the criminals disguise themselves and take it "one says give us our money back despite the fact they were never theirs in the first place" and leave him dangling off a branch, but a fairy saves him, and shrinks his nose back down to size after it grew from him lying to her about how he ended up on the tree, and then they rush the rest of the story so fast that they must have never of heard of the word "Pacing" where Pinocchio is going to school, when a random boy convinces him to play instead, until Pinocchio turns into a donkey, randomly pulls a kart for someone, until he escapes "with the Pinocchio saying how taking it easy is the way after that which is contradictory to what's happening on screen" then Pinocchio ends up inside a shark where he finds Geppetto, and they both just walk out like it was nothing, "Why didn't Geppetto leave earlier when he didn't know Pinocchio was going to be there?" and Geppetto calls him Brave, despite the fact they don't show or say what he did to earn that, and then Pinocchio and the narrator say that Pinocchio is always going to be a puppet "with Pinocchio suddenly saying that puppets are just the most" and cutting back to the bedroom with the narrator asking if the kids watching will be good, or be bad like Pinocchio despite the fact they at the end of the story he sometimes narrates, it shows Pinocchio turning into a real boy which is shown as a great thing, "it's like they were trying to take Show, don't tell to the next level of bad by forcing them to show exactly opposite things at the same time", also when Geppetto tells him to stop being a naughty puppet toy, it shows him turning into a boy by the fairy "which is out of sync for the scene", and Pinocchio also turns into a boy, despite the fact they never show Pinocchio doing anything to deserve it, the story is as bad as I said it is. The Characters are stock characters of what they are supposed to do for the plot, expect for Pinocchio and the director, who do show signs of complexity with the director letting Pinocchio go after feeling upset for him, and Pinocchio for his change in behavior, but I don't praise either of them, as it is default due to the story not existing without it, and is an inferior and basic version of the one from the novel, and the Voice Acting ranges from generic to annoyingly bad, and the narrator's voices for Pinocchio and the fairy, sound nothing like a woman or a child. The Graphics are groundbreakingly bad, they actually look like they were drawn or computer generated on free software that children use for fun, with uneven drawings, and CG models that stand out from the 2D models being even more distracting than normal, and below that, and the movement of the models is so bland their robotic, they also didn't bother to translate the words on screen from Polish to English. The Gameplay has you do a matching tiles game with the characters faces, a match the image below game, and a section where you can paint the fairy, and that's it, the main focus is on the movie meaning this should if anything be a DVD with these being DVD games at least, but I guess the creators never heard of DVD games, considering they sometimes work with a company "Dingo Pictures" for their films, and the games themselves are as minimal and basic as they can get, not helped by the elementary school art style, making them not attractive to even look at, let alone play. The Music is the worst, anyone could create better music and lyrics without putting in any effort, they are exactly the same as intentionally bad music and lyrics. The Sound effects are so basic, that they are annoying to hear. Pinocchio by Phoenix Games has the same quality as every other Phoenix game, Dingo Picture, and Midas Entertainment product, as in they have no quality what so ever (please remember that I didn't give it any stars).