I tried writing a short review and kept making it too long. I tried playing a short game about organized crime in Japan and ended it with 60+ hours.
Surprising is the word I would use to summarize this game, in a good way. I am surprised that they charged me 8 fucking dollars for this. I am shocked it ended up being one of the most serious and also stupidest games I've ever played. I am gob smacked that this game managed to make me cry while also making me laugh.
I am stunned that you might be reading this review instead of just experiencing the game for yourself.
Final thoughts, I can't wait to see the rest of the games. I also can't believe I've had this game sitting on a figurative shelf for nearly 4 years before playing it. It's not a deep game in the slightest but that works to its advantage I'd say.

Signalis utilizes the medium to it's fullest. It is, as corny as it sounds, a game. almost everything Signalis does is intentional and designed with the intent of creating a experience holy unique to gaming.
Only after beating the game and letting it rest in my mind for a bit do I truly get to appreciate what Signalis is going for. Not only will it use references to other bits of literature and pop culture, but also re-contextualize it to fit naturally in it's setting. Puzzles serve as both challenges and world building. Level design is simplistic both for allowing ease of navigation but also to instill a sense of dread into someone.
minor gripes would be how damage is given, sometimes it can be more on the unfair end. Limited inventory space but that is a given for this genre so that kind of issue lies to preference. The sound design may annoy you more than scare you, but I feel it does help build atmosphere.
This review is meant more to affirm what you may have heard about the game already, that being is it really that good? Yes, it is a spectacular game. Go play it.

Aged like milk.
Final Fantasy was not my first and I also didn't really grow up playing it, I also used a guide so nail me to cross for being bad at video games at the age of 12.
Funny thing though is that I still do like this game as an idea. Being able to set up any kind of party setup really adds a whole lot to the experience, admittedly not all teams have the same kind of viability but it's still fun to experiment.
It's basic as hell and I don't recommend this version of the game, but if you can get your hands on a more recent release, maybe the pixel remaster, than you should give it a go.

This game was so bad it made me rethink how I judge games going forward.
Xenoblade X is bad in every regard, the open world is horribly designed. The map looks fine but the way you go about exploring it screws it all up, high level monsters on paths necessary for story progression, minutes which turn into hours of walking from one spot to another. Getting the Skell does fix this but by then you can just teleport around the place so the car form feels wasted.
The music feels like it was made for another game entirely and can teeter on catchy or annoying, for me it was the latter. Though if it is something you like go for it but I can't stand it for more than a hour at a time.
I don't usually give the slightest fuck about how someone spends their time, but this is an exception. The plot is delivered like how a MMO give you missions, you finish the main mission and to move you must meet certain requirements. that is fine on its own but when used intentionally to pad game length you leave the player with (and I timed this) 6-8 fucking hours of grinding just to do a mission that is over in a instant, that being 30 mins for chapter 5 excluding cut scenes. If my reward is nothing more than a video of people fumbling against the boss I just beat, you can go fuck yourself, that's not fun it's not even well written (much like this review).
I know writing down curse words is juvenile at best but seriously if you have to take anything from this review please let that be to avoid this game outright.