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I really enjoyed Sanabi, but honestly I think its score is a little inflated from just how good the last 2 hours of this game are. This game has some absolutely incredible moments. The opening is very strong, a few story moments in the middle are neat, and as mentioned the lead-up to the end of the game is amazing.

But the game is just way too drawn out. Most gameplay sections could have had their length cut in half, probably dropped to 1/4 if you wanted to only leave the really good stuff. A lot of sections, especially once you get to the back half of the main plot, drag on far past the point they should have and I was begging to be done with a few segments long before I reached the end. This was generally not because of difficulty - This is not an overly challenging game outside of a few tricky platforming areas. Instead you'll just be seeing endless screen after screen of incredibly basic platforming challenges you'd already mastered twenty minutes ago.

This is especially painful because Sanabi's writing is often genuinely enjoyable, though sometimes a little clumsy, and is really the only reason I made it through to the credits. The characters are generally well written and the dialogue usually succeeds at being actually funny. I often found myself wishing dialogue scenes would stretch on a little longer just so I could spend more time with the characters, but inevitably the scenes end and you're due for another 30 minutes of silently grappling your way through repetitive platforming challenges.

Sanabi is frequently compared to Katana Zero and while I agree the vibes are similar, I think Sanabi's flaws become especially glaring when that comparison is drawn. Katana Zero's total runtime clocks in at around 3.5-4 hours, less than half the time it took me to beat Sanabi, but that game has cut all the fat that sometimes makes Sanabi such a chore. If you enjoyed Sanabi then I think Katana Zero is an easy instant recommend, providing a shorter, more focused experience.

I still think Sanabi is worth playing. The story is fun, and the characters are likable. But the endless padding really brings down a game that is otherwise so close to becoming one of the indie greats.

Excellent. Combat can be a little iffy and the plot is borderline nonexistent, but the exploration and atmosphere are absolutely top-notch and that's what you're here for.

There's the skeleton of a good game here, but Cuisineer fails to deliver in the ways that matter. Dungeons are fun but aimless, and they flood you with way more loot than you can actually carry. Restaurant management starts off extremely slow and is terribly underdeveloped. The balancing between dungeon runs and restaurant running is also completely shot, you'll spend one day in a dungeon and then need to spend over a week selling that food in your restaurant to clear out room in your fridge.

As far as I've been able to tell, what you're serving also barely matters. I get the impression the game wants you to run between multiple dungeons to pick up different kinds of ingredients to make more complex dishes, but in practice you can just pick up everything, slam it all in the fridge, and you'll have no issues. There's no menu management and townsfolk never get tired of eating the same thing every day.