A totally okay walking sim with some clever puzzles here and there.


Basically turns Quake into "Hrot at home"

Pretty solid game. Got some real good moments. Needed to get rid of its button mashing quick time events. Super beautiful and fantastic soundtrack.

Little Nightmares at home, but that's okay because very cool.

Feel like I should have hated it, but this was surprisingly solid. Deffo has obvious as fuck issues tho.

Surprisingly better than Ink Machine. I had a solid time playing it

Not amazing, but perfectly solid first person horror. Good enough to understand why it's liked.

Some great ideas, and fantastic audio. Well worth the super cheap price.

Solid, if occasionally frustrating, first person open world bow pew pew game. Story is nonsense. Open world kinda sucks. Cutscenes are way too long. Still super super charming.

Paint by numbers itch.io horror game.

Literally only two missions where you shoot a single dude. What's the point?

A new open world map and campaign. It's whatever. Last mission kicks ass.

Generic as all hell but with the funniest story in gaming

This should have sucked, yet will probably end up being my surprise hit of 2023. Hell yeah.