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Play this game if you're a fan of the 2020 Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Rebirth has all the spectacle of that game alongside all the strong themes from the 1997 Original. The game also has all of the tedium and weirdly low quality moments of the first FF7 Remake in addition to all it's benefits. Everything you loved and hated from Remake is still present in this game.

The open world is better than you might assume, as it serves to enhance the environmentalist message of the story and has both rewarding side activities and less interesting ones that just pad the runtime. Not the best, but not the worst I've ever seen either.

I played this back in 2010! An interesting, unique flash-based MMO. Exploits, hacking, and rule-breaking were RAMPANT! But we were pretty free.

A very fun and creative place to have spent my time. I still go back there, sometimes- you'd just have to download the client after making an account, now.

The OG VRchat. Hell, i would play it over VRChat since i don't have a fancy gaming rig and VR headset.
PS: This game has been revived by fans, if you've played the original game, check it out! https://www.whirled.club/