Hey! name's Terra, a passionate gamer who loves RPGs and Beat 'Em Ups and plays any game always looking for deeper meanings than the medium given.
My star ratings are based off enjoyment over all else.
"Give me a good story and take me on an adventure."
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Resident Evil 4: Separate Ways
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Sep 27

Deltarune: Chapter 1 & 2
Deltarune: Chapter 1 & 2

Sep 22

Deltarune: Chapter 2
Deltarune: Chapter 2

Sep 22

Mortal Kombat 1
Mortal Kombat 1

Sep 19

Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride
Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride

Sep 17

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I kinda wish I could give this DLC the complete 5 star treatment. When it comes down to it, this is just more Resident Evil 4 Remake. Retreading places you've been but see things from different perspectives and going through places you may have remember seeing at one point but now you get to really explore it. The gameplay is as solid as before, it really doesn't have any major changes it's just more added to the original and very much worth the $10.
So what's the issue?
I'm someone who didn't like the original Assignment Ada on the original RE4 and to be quite honest I never really liked Ada in any of the games she appeared in, so I already had an amount of dread when this got announced. I wasn't looking forward to using her to go through another set of chapters.
That was my initial issue...but it got worse when I realized she's voiced the same way in the regular campaign and having her monotone dialogue be the main part of the DLC and then hearing other characters being voiced very well, put a slight damper on experiencing the new parts of the story. Everything else about the game is fun and perfectly fine, until she talks and drags the immersion down.
Other than that, I had a blast and recommend to anyone who enjoyed the original campaign, but you already got it and played it by now right?

I never really did a review of Deltarune Chapter 1 or even Undertale for that matter. I don't really have a huge history of either game, the fandom made me curious about Undertale so I played it, and all the connections speculated made me play Deltarune Chapter 1 and so here I am for the second chapter.
I actually really like the art style of Deltarune as a whole. Chapter 2 kinda revamps what the first one did, giving the characters more portraits and animations and giving a whole new world of Cyber World, which is pretty neat and focuses a lot on playing of computer, internet, and what you would see if the idea of the internet was a place. It's pretty interesting in concept and reminds me of Mega Man Battle Network in that way.
The game's music is actually really good. I remember Undertale having a sort of Earthbound sound to it, while Deltarune seems to be leaning closer to Mother 3 with it's music and sound. the game does a good job of keeping things simple while adding that bit of extra to it.
I can easily say, Chapter 2 is freakin' brutal at times with it's gameplay. While it still keeps up the same "bullet hell" mode during getting attacked, when on the offense the game actually has a lot of quality of life and allows more combinations of attacks and choices instead of the first game where you often followed the same old routine with very little difference. For example Kris isn't always forced to ACT to get certain things done.
I can't really explain the story any further than I had at the start of the review, because it's spoilers and would be better to be played IF you're okay with the idea that this is similar to Chapter 1 just with a new "world" to explore and continuing the story.
So does the game fall short anywhere?
- I thought the combat would have a little more depth to it when you're on offense, but it seems to be not the case.
- The writing of the characters feel like their suffering from signs of flanderization to the point they seem kinda like fanfic versions of their Chapter 1 selves.
That really about it for issues, I can't say I'm really a fan of Undertale or Deltarune, but after played chapter 1 to refresh myself of the story and Chapter 2 right after, I can easily say I'm pretty interested in the story and hope Chapter 3 isn't another long wait.

Here's a series that I've been pretty back and forth about. I started with the original Mortal Kombat on Genesis then skipped all the way to Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance on GBA then to Mortal Kombat Armageddon on the Wii then played every Mortal Kombat game after that in order, which lead up to my favorite Mortal Kombat 11 and me loving it and wonder just how the series would continue after such a heavy reboot...ya know...after they just rebooted it a few games ago. I was SUPER hyped waiting for the next game and here it is.
Okay whew...that was a lot of explaining, but it had to be done because I hadn't reviewed one prior. Speaking of prior games, I don't think it would be much of a shock to say, this is the best looking Mortal Kombat game to date. I know the aim of most Triple A studios is to have the graphics or at least the cutscenes look as true to life as possible and I think MK1 nearly nails it. The more I played the game...or moreso watched it, the more I kept feeling like I was watching a real movie, and the game feels like at times it's like one coat of polish away from looking 100% real. The stages, the characters, the effects, everything looks really amazing and runs very smooth. Mortal Kombat has come a VERY long way since the first reboot.
I'm not gonna lie, Mortal Kombat to me has never really had memorable music to it save for the Genesis version of the first game, the rest always felt like background noise to me, and MK1 seems to be a good step up of mixing music well with the cinematics and the battles.
Although the best part of the game is the voice acting. Except for one character, all the others gave an extremely well done performance and it was great to see and hear characters who didn't play as big a role in the past, now stand in the forefront.
I'm not sure if I played or watched someone play Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, but I remember it having a chain command combo system, which seems to be the heavy importance of how this game plays. It kinda feels simplified for the most part but with subtle hints of a higher skill ceiling. I'm not great at fighting games, but this one felt semi comfortable and never felt stale. As someone who hates the "tag system" the Vs Capcom series uses, I believe MK1's Kameo system is probably the best version of that idea and keeps the gameplay fresh without becoming overwhelming. Like I said I'm far from an expert, so this is from a VERY casual player.
The story...the best part of the game by far. After the end of MK11 Aftermath I was already super ready for the new world of Mortal Kombat and in no way did this really disappoint at all. I feel it's a reboot done right. this story is filled to the brim with references to the past games and media of the franchise and spins some of the things on it's head to make something brand new, or makes things once non canon now canon. It must be played to be appreciated...I say "played" but really it must be watched, because, yeah this is a game, but story mode plays out like a movie with enough fights scenes so you don't forget it's a game. I can't count that as a negative, because I was so drawn into the story it was telling, I didn't realize I had been watching more than I was playing until about the halfway point. That says a lot for someone who played all the Metal Gear Solid games.
So does it have an issues?
- While it offers the best story ever, it lacks any of the extra stuff past MK games gave you to do outside the story. (Example: The Krypt in Armageddon.)
- It's not surprising to me, but the Fatalities feel like they were trying too hard to be shocking to the point they look kinda ridiculous at times and partially recycle past characters motions or actions.
Very few issues I have there and they weren't really issues as much as my own opinions. Ultimately I really enjoyed the story to this game and eagerly wait for the DLC story expansion as well as what MK2 has in store.