four swords games (which i have no real way of playing) aside....this is my last zelda game. the difficulty with groundbreaking classics is that they're so often built upon by their successors, but the zelda formula is solid enough that i still had plenty of fun. helps that unlike oot it didn't have a direct sequel using the same engine that i can compare it to.

leaning between a 4 and a 4.5 for my rating. it's a great game but it can be a little obtuse at times (a holdover from the nes duo?). also i think this is a result of my formative zeldas being the two ds ones, neither of which have particularly hefty dungeons, but dungeons have never been my favourite part of the zelda experience - i like wandering around the overworld with new weapons, doing sidequests. being such an early zelda this one's fairly sidequest light, and OH BOY is it dungeon heavy. i actually enjoyed most of them once i got into the right mindset to do them, but i'd've maybe liked a bit more downtime between finishing one dungeon and going onto the next.

my aim next time i play it is to use the wii u restore point feature less. i'm sure i'll stick to that all the way up until that giant worm boss that knocks you down a floor.

Reviewed on Jan 16, 2023