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The aesthetic and environments are cool af. Actually playing the game though is a chore. The platforming feels stiff, as does the combat, which lacks a dodge or block. There are a variety of weapons, but few are actually helpful. The story is hardly relayed in a captivating way, which is too bad because the premise is actually interesting. The music, while fittingly eerie, is at times insanely repetitive. I probably played this on the wrong platform too, as there's terrible lag when things get busy and cumbersome weapon-switching (and it probably explains the bad control). The constant bombardment of enemies got the better of me for most of the game too, and I probably wouldn't have made it through this if there was no manual save. All in this intensely hostile world simulated a sort of anxiety-inducing, maddening state in my mind when playing, which is a clever way to have me relate to Alice, so I'll give them that.

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