the side stories really added so much to the characters and their relationships. not ashamed to say i shed a few tears.

"war never changes, but men do through the roads they walk."
this game was invented for trans people to get hooked on, and boy did i fall victim.

this is the best rpg i've ever played

its been more than a year, but ive finally finished. the most well written piece of media i've ever experienced.

This review contains spoilers

loved the enhancements to gameplay, it's a completely different pace than the original, but still induces that same anxiety (even moreso).
changes to the story i liked:
- artemy feels more like a father to his bound. it made sense that the artemy i played would choose the children over running away with aglaya. making murky and sticky more prominent characters definitely added to this.
- i liked how snarky artemy was, he felt more real in this iteration.
- the influence of isidor and his legacy on artemy, providing better reasoning for his motivations.
- the rubin/artemy relationship. in patho 1, rubin sends you threatening letters then immediately apologizes when he learns what happened. i like that in 2 you have to actively convince him to stay with you.
- the scene where you go into the depths and communicate with the udurgh. best part of the game imo.
changes i didn't like:
- they try to force this artemy/aglaya relatonship on us despite her being an asshole to him the whole game. in patho 1 it felt like they had more development through their common goal to destroy the polyhedron. i kind of missed the trial you had at the cathedral, in comparison to them basically forcing destroying the tower on you.
- i feel like they didnt know what to do with lara and were like "childhood best friend love interest" and i just didnt care sorry xx
- the ending... i felt like they were just throwing the meta game aspects at me rather than letting me discover them (again i think this is the negative aspect to the fast pace). it just made me appreciate how much better it was done in patho 1.
- some of the cutscenes were too on the nose for me, but that's my preference.
- rip grief's silly cockney accent. rip lara's pixie cut. rip capella's hair.
changes i'm divided on:
- the relationship between artemy and daniil. it does make more sense that daniil is a dickhead from the get go, but part of me loves the closer relationship they have in patho 1.

oh my GODDDD this game was frustrating, and not in a fun way. shitty controls and combat made this a slog to get through. there were WAY too many levels with the same enemies over and over and the combat was repetitive as hell. however, this game has incredible artistic value for both its character design and environments. we simply do not see games like this or vampire: bloodlines anymore, and it made me miss 2000s goth culture. i would recommend watching a playthrough for anyone wanting to experience this game.

would have to say this is one of the most innovative i've played of the genre. the art style is great, the main love interest is probably the best written VN character, and the atmosphere and worldbuilding is done very well.
despite its flaws, i can't help but love what the game itself does for the visual novel dating sim genre and would love more of this going forth.

is it true what they're saying? is old baenlin really dead?

This review contains spoilers

love the historical aspect to this game and the fact that u can get into a poly relationship w both love interests

was pretty good story besides that one random scene that was badly voice acted

only played jaehee's route and ur telling me they were supposed to be straight?????

i hate this game i hate this game i hate this game i hate this game i hate this game i hate this game i hate this game i hate this game i hate this game i hate this game i hate this game

most of the routes suck but shiki's is chefs kiss

campaign was eh. zombies, however, slaps!