I haven't finished this one yet, but the amount of dialogue is so dense that it's actively hurting my enjoyment.
I suppose there's always been worse fangames out there with this kind of thing, but the attempts at humor here don't really jive with me or seem all that in-character for anybody that's speaking. I audibly groaned when the game felt the need to ENTIRELY stop me in my tracks and prevent me from picking another level, just so that I could talk to some shady cloaked OC... that Mega Man even asks "Why are you cloaked?" to.
Like, what's the joke there? Is the joke that Mega Man's stupid? Hahahahaha???
Cool, can I play another shitty Tier 1 level instead and get them over with instead of having this filler inbetween? Why would you even add a plotline to a level contest with no cohesion anyway? How can you possibly justify all of this with a story? And if you could, why would you WANT to?
I don't understand it. I took a break because this game's already long enough without the unskippable cutscenes. :/
Doesn't help that the game refused to let me map my controller, but whatever.

Reviewed on Mar 25, 2023