I like video games. I play a lot of them. Fancy that.

I'm an old-fashioned dork that enjoys 2D action games more than one would consider healthy.

Grew up playing bargain bin used copies and bootleg multicarts, so I have a gigantic soft spot for games that others (like you, probably) often turn their nose up at. Expect plenty of glowing reviews from me; I'm here for a good time, not to be a critic.
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I didn't play it myself but I think Dinossom is great

Really kinda fucked up that the PS3's launch title racing game looks and plays better than the majority of racers that came after it, huh?

The same thing as every other licensed game Spike Chunsoft has put out in the past 15 years.

I really like the concept of One Punch Man himself imposing a stricter time limit on the opponent. I love when fighting games do goofy shit like that.