This review contains spoilers


Hey kid.

Ya like quick time events?

[I open my trench coat to reveal "A Plague Tale: Innocence"] I've got some fuckin QTEs here for ya. Best QTEs on the market. Whole game full of 'em. Nothing but QTEs in this game, I promise.

I beat this game in 11 hours and it spent 10 hours VERY slowly building good will with me to the point where I had decided that "you know what, it's actually fine that this game is just quick time events on rails, it's a good story and good characters."

Then it hits me with easily the two worst sequences in the game BACK TO BACK ("Protect Yourself With the Cart" and "Kill Vitalis") and squandered all of it. By the time the credits rolled I hated this game.

Which makes the reason for the final post-credit chapter very obvious. I assume playtesters set down the game after getting to the credits, pointed at the devs and said "Fuck. You." So they threw in that final little chapter just to claw back a little good will.

Mind you, I'm not complaining about the story. It holds up. My complaint is purely with the god damn mechanics of these two sequences. Whoever put these in the game at all should be embarrassed, and whoever decided they should both be together right at the end should be fired.


The only reason this game gets 3.5 is for story, setting/environment, and characters. Honorable mention for a few very interesting mechanics used pretty well throughout the game, and then maliciously ignored or wasted by the end.

Reviewed on Jun 28, 2022