I loved this game. It almost has it all: beautiful animations, unforgettable characters, catchy music that never gets old, and a mysterious story full of twists that keeps surprising until the end. The only lackluster part is the gameplay. Its mechanics are novel and mostly fun: you manipulate the environment as a ghost to solve physics-based puzzles. The problem is that the puzzles only have one solution and it's not always clear how things will interact until you try them. This leads to a lot of trial, error, and restarts on each level, which can get old especially since some dialogue and cutscenes can't be skipped (many things are time-based and there can be a lot of idle waiting too). Sometimes I felt as clever as the game's writing, and other times I felt betrayed by a plethora of red-herrings.

The rest of the package is so good that it's fairly easy to overlook the minor gameplay frustrations I had. The standout element is definitely the characters and narrative which are quite cleverly written; it begins with a ton of unique characters being introduced, but by the end their stories are so perfectly interwoven that it's a miracle it works as well as it does. Although new questions always pop up each time one is answered, the conclusion manages to perfectly tie everything together in one of the most satisfying and heartwarming endings I've seen in a video game. Highly recommend this game as long as you don't mind a lot of reading and some occasionally obtuse puzzles!

Reviewed on Jul 10, 2023