In many ways this game completely blows its predecessor (Reverie Under the Moonlight, aka RUTM) out of the water.

The pixel art is gorgeous. The animation is fluid. The lighting and 3D effects are subtle and go so well with the visuals. The music is fantastic.

I loved exploring the map and collecting stuff. I got 110% completion. I might go back to finish off the 111% completion, but it just involves some less interesting content I don't feel like playing.

The difficulty is overall pretty low, especially if you actually equip all the good sigils you find. Unfortunately the new companion system feels very weak. They don't do enough to really warrant being more than a pretty little sprite following you around.

I'm not sure the game really benefited from having a stamina meter, and the later game transformation you receive wasn't around long enough for me to get much use out of it.

Most of the game was pretty easy, but the last two areas had enemies that could blitz down your health in a jiffy if you messed up. Not too hard, just weirdly had more deaths exploring than I did fighting bosses in this game.

All of the multi-phase boss fights are really fun and cool. Only one boss fight was a bummer for me (the blob).

Sometimes the cool graphical effects and pretty sprite overlays were hard to see and I took damage because I couldn't tell what was happening.

The story and characters felt a bit more involved and interesting than the previous title.

The game also very much feels like the farewell in its name. You can tell Bombservice really wanted to make the biggest and best Momodora game. Even if I'm not sure that actually makes me like it more than RUTM, it's a very impressive game.

Also, if you avoided Minoria, I think you should go back and give it a shot. I liked it more than most, but I think it certainly didn't deserve the hate that it got.

Reviewed on Feb 01, 2024