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Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow
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Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward
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Destiny 2: The Witch Queen
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Fantastic co-op puzzle game!
+ You build giant Lego-style models
+ Most of the levels are really fun
+ The art direction is charming
+ The music is cute
- The camera angles are awful, and the levels are constantly obscuring critical information
- Sometimes it feels like the fastest way to play the level is to get tricky and do funny things with physics, instead of using one of the many cranes they provide
- Some of the levels focus on making you explore them in order to gather pieces, but I found this tedious and silly compared to actually putting together puzzles
- A few of the later levels took an entire hour to put together, which is just a bit much for this game, I think. They were generally cool though.

I played the first Hitman campaign as part of the HITMAN 3 / World of Assassination collection.
I'm upset that I waited so long to play this. This is one of the best stealth games I've ever played. It's absolutely gorgeous and really immersive, other than the complete lack of notable accents as you go across the globe lol.
I've replayed multiple levels multiple times already. I'm honestly baffled at how some of these achievements are possible. I'm trying to strike a balance between replaying some levels and not burning myself out, since I want to see the whole trilogy.
Wow. Impeccable.

An interesting mix of Metroidvania and Devil May Cry. I really like it sometimes, and others I just find it frustrating.
For a Metroidvania, it's extremely unwilling to offer maps in most areas, and when you do get them, it's an item you pick up like in Zelda. But you can't map anything at all until you get it. This makes it very easy to get lost.
A lot of jumping and ledge grabbing seemed bug, requiring pixel precision. I think some of that was fixed in a patch that came out today.
The real thing that killed this game for me though is boss difficulty. I only made it what looks to be about halfway through the game (fight against the cat boy), and it took me over an hour of nonstop attempts to scrape by a narrow a victory. The cat boy's hitboxes are janky, and attack "tells" are extremely bad for his overpowered homing projectile attack. This made for a unfun fight where I was constantly running away and only doing 1-2 hit combos on the boss, making it extremely slow and tedious. Sadly, I can't lower the difficulty without just starting the entire game over. At this point, I don't think it's worth my time. Oh and the next area of the game gives the enemies poison rain that's unavoidable and does massive damage over time.
Also, the music wasn't memorable to me, and the main character is a little bit boring.
I think if I could've tweaked the difficulty mid-playthru, I'd probably actually finish this game and give it a 4 or so. It's playing with some interesting ideas. But it feels like a small team made a game that's just a bit difficult and finicky for real players, compared to their own playtesting. I could be wrong, that's just the vibe I get.