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Best Destiny 2 campaign we've gotten, hands down. The writing team absolutely cooked on this expansion. Making the characters argue and really FEEL like they actually are afraid was so good. I haven't done the raid, but just the campaign + the new 12-person Excision activity felt like a great wrap up to the Darkness saga.

All the new mechanics stuff feels really good so far. No comment on the seasonal ("episode") stuff so far since I haven't played it yet.

Perhaps my favorite indie game since Dicey Dungeons. Basically a perfect roguelike deckbuilding game. It's Calvinball meets Poker. This game is a time travel device to midnight.

Some of the most dreadful action RPG combat. The balancing is absurdly off here. On the normal difficulty early game is hilariously easy. Once you get to [SPOILERS], even on easy mode the game destroys you.

The big problem here is the BREAK mechanic, which punishes you by immobilizing you and making enemies capable of killing you from full HP in less than a second.

This just keeps getting worse over time, and easy mode does nothing to fix it.

I'm really annoyed because like 25 hours in the game finally "played its hand" and had all the weird sci-fi shit show up, and I was ready this whole time to eat it up.

But then the game just opens up by having you do 5 super hard dungeons back to back to get a McGuffin so you can continue the story. And I'm just fucking done with it.

Good music, gorgeous new art, mediocre writing, poor voice acting, and some of the worst balanced action JRPG combat I've done in a while. The "PA" system of getting little side stories with party members is super cute and great.

The leveling system is absurdly obtuse and not fun to engage with.

One more note: the game is visually inscrutable in combat. Horrible fixed camera angle and so many special FX you can't see anything.