i love the wario land series and really really wanted to like this game more than i do
it has two major flaws that spoil an otherwise near perfect game for me:
1. it's so fast. seriously, the sprint speed in this game is absurd, and it really tests your level memorization and reaction speed. this generally isn't a huge problem for me since most of the game isn't timed and doesn't have any death mechanics, and the escape sequences generally have fairly generous timers.
2. this is the big one. what the heck is up with the boss fights. the 4 main bosses all have 8 HP then they come back with a second form that's way more chaotic and have another 8 HP. and 3 of the bosses have a QTE at the end of the 2nd form to actually kill them. the final boss is a 7 part boss fight: 3 new bosses and all 4 previous bosses (with reduced health, at least), followed by a timed escape sequence.
i love that this game is trying for a la carte difficulty, where you choose how many "extras" to get, and how fast to beat the level, and your combo meter and such, but the boss fights are absolutely unnecessarily difficult.
i think an "easy" mode that reduced the amount of onscreen enemies would be helpful, because a lot of bosses cover the whole screen in enemies and it becomes extremely hard to dodge things and even tell what's happening. or heck, even a mode where all the bosses had half the HP would be a godsend.
i'm still waiting for a good wario land successor, and i really wish this could've been it.

Reviewed on Feb 22, 2023

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20 days ago

Wait, don't get too filtered by 2 little boss phases, thank god this game is not for you.