A Hat in Time: Seal the Deal

released on Sep 13, 2018

DLC for A Hat in Time

Seal the Deal introduces an all-new chapter: The Arctic Cruise, and an all-new incredibly difficult mode: Death Wish!

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So the Arctic Cruise was underwhelming. It's not horrible, but each level has their own pros and cons, though I'd say the cons outweigh the pros. The main issue is how huge the map is for how cramped some areas feel. The first level takes a long time when you're unfamiliar with the map, the second level has markers and arrows that show you where to go but don't really work well sometimes, and the third level has a different version of the map that can be annoying to navigate. The Time Rift was genuinely painful and made me stop playing for a little bit. Death Wish is a mixed bag for me as well. The main missions are fine, but the bonus missions ramp up the difficulty to a point where I wouldn't want to continue the level. Truthfully, I didn't actually finish Death Wish; I gave up when I got to "Wound-Up Windmill" and "Rift Collapse: Deep Sea." I think the saving grace of this DLC is that it still has the charm that A Hat in Time always had, so it wasn't super painful to play. I feel like if the game wasn't as naturally fun as it was, I'd rank this DLC lower. Overall, I would say this DLC is only worth playing if you're okay with challenging missions that can really test your patience.

The first Arctic Cruise mission is lovely and the third one is, fine. The second one is offensively bad, one of the worst things I've played in a 3D platformer. This is pretty bad, because there's only 3 new missions in the DLC, + one time rift.
The level design was fine for the first mission, but doesn't suit the second one at all. Some areas are so cramped and small, you end up wall-running where you don't want to or can't move the camera to see the character. Combine it with time limits, markers that could tell you the name of the area but instead use colors and poor symbols, the world's worst guiding arrow that constantly changes its mind on where to guide you and the fact that Hat Kid becomes harder to control the more things she carries, and it makes for a REALLY frustrating experience, unlike anything else in the game. So much would be solved if you just had a map on the menu screen but the game doesn't even use the physical ones you used in the first mission. I would've honestly dropped the game right here if not for the fact you need to do this for Nyakuza Metro, which they say is the best level of the game.
Death Wish I didn't touch much because it has a bad structure and expects you to redo the one challenge you have from the start at least one time to unlock the others, though you can unlock them by just playing workshop levels too, as long as you complete the missions, but I think this isn't available on consoles so, another miss.
I sure am glad this was free when I got it, otherwise, I'd be really pissed.

Not a single good mission, all either really frustrating platforming with bad checkpoints, or tedious fetch quests. Chore work.

hey guys what if we made a level that was impossible to navigate and had the 3 worst stages in the game
death wish saves this dlc cuz hoooooo boy the artic cruise sucks, always dread it when i go for 100 percent

A DLC mais mediana do jogo, porém é muito boa mesmo assim