A Short Hike

released on Jul 30, 2019

Hike, climb, and soar through the peaceful mountainside landscapes of Hawk Peak Provincial Park as you make your way to the summit.

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Cute comfy game where you explore a mountain. Exploration and collecting feathers felt good. Writing was pretty good. Solid short experience for a low price.

Veredito: Diversão simplificada e honesta.
A Short Hike é exatamente o que diz na embalagem: um joguinho curto sobre fazer uma escalada.
É um plataforma 3D bonito, responsivo, com comandos simples e que você zera em 1h. Sim, em 1h. Pra platinar deve dar no máximo umas 5h. Você sobe a montanha, desce de volta, e assiste aos créditos. Simples e direto. Se quiser fazer mais, dá um rolé em volta da montanha pra fazer umas sidequests com outros personagens.
Não achei tudo isso que falam, pra ser sincero. E tudo bem. Nem todo jogo precisa ser fenomenal. Ele acabou sendo exatamente o que eu queria: uma diversão sem compromisso e rápida entre um jogo longo e outro.

I have an intense fear of heights. So it says a lot when a game makes me wanna hike up a tall ass mountain in the middle of autumn

Curto, simples e relaxante, um jogo sobre aproveitar as experiencias com mais calma, seja de jogos ou da vida.

The whole experience is a warm hug. It's perfect.
I ignored it for a while because it looked, frankly, a little boring (albeit charming), but it's actually great fun. There's just enough to learn about it that your brain is engaged and curious, and the movement feels excellent. There's some issues with the camera but I've come to recognize that I'm okay suffering the occasional quirk if it means I don't have to deal with camera management. Plus, that extra simplicity makes it easy to recommend to anyone, even folks with limited experience in 3D games.

this game was designed for someone like me; aimless, lost and unsure about their future. it acts as a precious little diorama filled with intricate details and an overabundance of love that you can visit whenever and the game treats it like that. for such a short and simple game to make me feel all kinds of emotions it does an amazing job. the nostalgic, blissful music traveling between each corner of the island, to the soft colours and overall warm and cozy feeling of the world and it's characters, it feels like a warm hug from someone you love.
a wholesome, exploration focused, fun little trip up the mountain acts as a short heroes journey that ends when you want it to end. this game made me tear up and led to a realisation that i should be doing more with my life before the good moments slip away.