released on Aug 21, 2007

Set in the steampunk Objectivist underwater dystopia of Rapture in the 1960's, Bioshock is a first-person shooter wherein the player arms and genetically modifies themselves in order to survive against the city's resident great minds-turned-maddened anomalies and aid a revolutionary leader named Atlas in overthrowing the city's ruling despot, Andrew Ryan.

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there has always been an argument against videogames saying they cant be true art.

if there was one game that i could force those dickbags (rip roger ebert) to it down and play start to finish, it would be bioshock (and dark souls one).

this game is perfection in every way. deep combat, deep story, compelling character, and ESPECIALLY art style.

so sad that 2K only makes shitty sports games now.

The friend that forced me to play it didn't tell it was so scary

swag mega but the maps are so ugly

One of the best games of the 360 era.

Holy shit, they really took "bad ending" literally huh?