BioShock Remastered

released on Sep 14, 2016

A remaster of BioShock

BioShock Remastered was released as a part of BioShock: The Collection and also available separately for PC. The remastered version has achievements, full controller support, high resolution textures, models and interface, and 4K resolution support.

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eu sei que muita gente ama bioshock, mas eu particularmente detestei

Imagine not playing bioshock? And if you haven't, the trilogy goes on sale for like 10 to 15 bones. I will always recommend it!

Esse jogo tem uma das melhores atmosferas que eu já vi em um jogo, é tudo tão imersivo e caotico, um dos meus jogos favoritos com certeza.

اللعبة كلها جيدة الى ان تبدا تضيع و تصير مملة

Rather its for nostalgia or not, this game is such a fun run. Andrew ryan is one of my favorite villians of all time.

This review contains spoilers

Absolutely great game. I felt as the game got more tedious and boring after the twist, but it's an unforgettable and repayable experience I will endlessly recommend to everyone. Buy the complete edition on sale.