Bowser's Fury 

released on Feb 12, 2021
Bowser's Fury

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Bowser's Fury 

released on Feb 12, 2021

Team up with Bowser Jr. in a free-roaming 3D adventure to stop his dad’s rampage. Run and jump across a series of islands to collect the mysterious Cat Shines, and battle against the colossal Fury Bowser whenever he emerges from the water to wreak havoc.

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You know how people have mancrushes? I feel like this is my mancrush except it's Bowser

This review contains spoilers

Everyone and their mother has made the comment about how this is an Odyssey world mixed with 3D World, but as an Odyssey level it feels kinda messy. There's no real theme here (except "cats" I guess), it's just a bunch of islands, each with their own gimmick. It reminds me more of Galaxy in that sense. So I guess it's kinda like Odyssey's style of collection in Galaxy-esque stages, using 3D World's mechanics.

The whole growing giant mechanic is kinda fun...the first time or two. But after that the initial power trip wears off and the slowness of movement in that form wears on.

I wasn't a fan of how many shrines were hidden behind blocks that only fury-Bowser could break. I'd often find them when the world was calm, and then had to rush back to them as soon as the rain started. I get that it was probably the intention, and if there were only a couple it'd be fine, but it felt like a good chunk of my time playing was dropping whatever task I was working on so I could make use of Bowser to break some blocks. Like it stopped being "Hey that's a pretty fun way to make the player remember island layouts" and started being "oh god another set of bricks I need to remember to bring Bowser to".

It was neat to have Bowser Jr. as a partner. I played solo but I still got a little use out of him by using the point-and-click thing. I found him mostly to be useful for taking down the shadow Luigi's, who would stay in one place when he got far away enough.
Having these ? blocks on walls that Jr. could paint on was a good idea in theory, but power ups and so abundant in this mode that I rarely ever felt rewarded for finding them.

And for characters with an upgrade in role we have Plessie, who is not only your main transportation here, but even plays a crucial part in the final boss fight. Hopefully we'll see more of her in the future. Too bad she's too big and generally not human-shaped enough to fit into spinoff games.

Overall it is a fun time. It just doesn't do anything that "wows" me, so I guess that's another Mario game I can compare it to - 3D Land.

But like since it's just a bonus game in a re-released title, it makes sense that it's not exactly trying to break ground. Maybe the next Mario game will take the formula and do something huge (no pun intended) with it.

I was surprised to learn that this is a substantial, and essential, 3D Mario platformer. I think it also gives a glimpse at a way forward for the series. It is a truly open-world platformer the likes of which I've never played before. I was also surprised that it is, in a lot of ways, a spiritual successor to 'Super Mario Sunshine.'

I'm not sure the Fury Bowser mechanic works all the way through the game. In the post-game (after 50 shines), when shines become fewer and farther between, he got to be an annoyance. One way to get a very short break from him is to let yourself get killed, which doesn't seem like an intended solution. If you decide to fight him to make him go away, you have to play all the way through the multiple phases of battle and rewatch the end credits before continuing your game and, even still, it's only a matter of minutes before he shows up again.

this one is interesting.

at first glance, you may think it's the "odyssey's dlc we never got except it's using 3d world engine" but actually, bowser's fury is its own thing... more or less.

bowser's fury feels like an amalgam of all 3d mario games: you have the movement of 2d-to-3d-likes such as galaxy and the 3d world itself, but it's also a sandbox as 64, sunshine and odyssey. the thing that it does differently from it's sandbox-big-brothers, however, it's that while they feel like a "game with sandbox levels", bowser's fury it's a "sandbox game with linear levels" - and those levels are just like the 2d-to-3d games.

it feels like a tech demo sometimes – not in a wrong way, of course. it's an experiment that nintendo is making in order to test some things to the next mario. honestly? open-world mario game where the world it's basically levels with extreme geniality, such as 3d world, land and galaxy but you have the freedom to do the things you want like 64, sunshine and odyssey? i'm so freaking on it!

it's also a cute game. i LOVE bowser jr and all the references to sunshine just make me love this game - i really love mario sunshine, if you don't like it you are a coward!!!! fighting against kaiju bowser as goku mario was also pretty cool. ost is awesome too.

great game.

Short review: A great new wrinkle to the experimental 3D Mario Formula. Manages to turn his classic costumes and linear levels into something close to a Zelda game. Bowser's Fury may outstay its welcome however.

Longer thoughts: