Team up with Bowser Jr. in a free-roaming 3D adventure to stop his dad’s rampage. Run and jump across a series of islands to collect the mysterious Cat Shines, and battle against the colossal Fury Bowser whenever he emerges from the water to wreak havoc.

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quality over quantity. although short (can 100% in less than 7 hrs from what i remember), it's flawless, expanding on the idea of having a 3D mario game where the whole world is connected. next step is to make Odyssey 2 like this and the next game will be top 10 all time.

I wish it was longer. It makes me really badly want a new one cuz this felt like the best teaser of where the series is headed. It felt like it took the ideas from World and made them into actual 3D Mario and the blend was excellent.

What an incredible little 3D Mario experience. Its refreshingly unique structurally and has a ton of fun platforming challenges. I would love for the next mainline 3D game to be structured like this. Its a great blend of the gameplay of 3D world and the collecting of Odyssey. I want more.

nice experimental gameplay, pretty short but entertaining for sure