Super Mario 3D Land

released on Nov 03, 2011

Super Mario 3D Land is the second 3D Super Mario platformer for a handheld device, and the successor to Super Mario Galaxy 2. The game is closely based on side-scrolling Mario games, as it combine elements from both traditional 2D Mario games and modern free-roaming 3D Mario games. It also introduces elements into the series, including power-ups and gameplay mechanics.

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Comfy little Mario game, though pretty uninspired. I have a bias towards handhelds, otherwise, I probably wouldn't rank it so high.

A very solid Mario game. I can't believe it's been out for 12 years, kind of crazy. I played this game at launch and loved it; the music was great, and the levels were really fun. I just think 3D World is better than it in every aspect. Doesn't mean it's a bad game tho.

Que jogo fantástico. Um dos meus jogos favoritos do super mario!

It's a great game. Gameplay and stages were solid all the way through.