Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin

released on Apr 02, 2015

A remaster of Dark Souls II

'Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin' is an upgrade and bundle of Dark Souls II that brings the game to Playstation 4 and Xbox One, as well as DX11 features on PC. It also bundles all previous DLCs and provides additional features and content.

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I hate this star-wars prequel esque rewriting of history about DS2 it's still very obviously the worst in the series
That still makes it solid overall but the movement, boss fights and area design is pretty garbage when compared to the rest

the complete 180 this game took in comparison to its predecessor in every way is kind of fuckin appaling. the interconnectedness and metroidvania-ness of the level design is gone - in its stead, the entire world is several long linear corridors one after another!
aesthetically it's everything i liked the least about ds1 dialed up to 100 and all the cooler stuff removed.
gameplaywise it feels so much more floaty, so much more uncomfortable, so much worse? i can't even explain it quite well - the whole entire atmosphere the game gives me sort of makes everything just feel so much more Ugly and Shitty.
i don't like this game. i'm normally one to be stubborn and sit through even the worst experiences just to be able to say that i got through it and Did not enjoy it in the end, but it's been too long. i'm tired. this game sucks.

Light sick. Substantially worse than the first but still more quality to be had than imitators and other big budget games of its era. I’ve found that infusing my weapons has turned my good damage to trash so I’m currently farming to undo that.

That's the harshest score i've given a souls game... wouldn't have made it through without friends to keep my sanity at bay.

Replaying this game and beating every boss except the Ancient Dragon and Vendrick, both of which aren't fights they are just gigantic health bars with legs, in under a week made me realize that not only am I a fucking freak of nature with no time management but that this game is in a weird middle ground where everyone's opinion on it is simultaneously wrong and right.
I still love this game though and I'm definitely on the more forgiving side because I see everything this game gives and takes in comparison to Dark Souls 1 as different rather than bad. Not in the "oh they experimented and therefore they can't be blamed but I find enjoyment in alot of the changes they made on it's own merit.
The only thing I really think this game deserves to be ragged on, is for existing in the first place. Dark Souls 1 and it's story was completely wrapped up with minor loose ends here and there. It was a was a story with a world that had a definitive ending and Dark Souls 2, even if it's not on purpose, made that ending lose it's impact. It sucks that FromSoft was contractually obligated to make sequels even though Dark Souls 1 and it's ending was about finality and the ending of things.
Still the best souls :)