Dark Souls III

released on Mar 24, 2016

Dark Souls continues to push the boundaries with the latest, ambitious chapter in the critically-acclaimed and genre-defining series. Prepare yourself and embrace the darkness!

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A game I originally was fairly disappointed with and still feel that the first quarter or so of the game is a bit lackluster. But this, along with Bloodborne, has perhaps the best bosses From Soft has made yet. The story, as well, serves as a great continuation of the themes and questions set up in both DS1 and 2 and, with the DLC (ringed city and Gael), provides an incredibly satisfying and melancholic end to a trilogy. The characters, the settings, bosses and side-quests are all overflowing with such a heavy, apocalyptic sadness and darkness in a way that so incredibly enhances the overall theme of the horrors and tribulations and suffering that comes out of artificially perpetuating the order of the world and the difficulty of accepting that everything, at some point, must come to an end. Might as well be, along with DS1, an excellent metaphor for accepting death and the short-sighted idiocy of preserving human life at all costs. As of now I enjoyed this game and feel it is a lot more memorable than Elden Ring but there is a chance that that could change over time. Definitely a game that I personally really enjoy but also fully understand other people's problems with it.

I am so sorry for shitting on this game. It's unnecessary, but the bosses, enemies, weapons, and build variety are impeccable. The levels being a straight line is lame, though. Also, I played as John Darksoul for the last five bosses, and that boosts the score.

Literally my favourite game of all time. The bosses in this game are outstanding and so satisfying to beat. Finally getting past Nameless King is perhaps one of the best moments I’ve had playing a game. Sure, the areas aren’t as fun to play through than Bloodborne or Elden Ring, but the bosses more than make up for it. Gael is the goat.

+ Excellent level design; expansive levels are a joy to explore
+ Massive amount of content with consistently great gameplay throughout
+ Finely polished combat; faster speed brought from Bloodborne
+ Rock solid frame rate
+ Well executed fan service

- Doesn't bring too many new ideas to the table
- Some graphical pop in was distracting

The Fromsoft souls-like games mean more to me than any other game series, by far. While it is not the first one I played (DS1), and it is not the one that made me realise how much I love these games (Sekiro) DS3 is the first one I beat.

Before I decided to replay it I had assumed that the game was incredibly linear, and I was expecting to not enjoy DS3 as much as the other games but I was completely mistaken, DS3 with DLC I would argue is less linear that most non open world games, and is just as linear as bloodborne. And while you have to explore most of the areas in a specific order the areas themselves are full of secrets and shortcuts and are an absolute joy to explore.

DS3 is full of such incredible imagery and storytelling and many of the best bossfights of the series.

I fully acknowledge how biased I am about these games, they just satsisfy me in a way that no other games do

Best souls game so far with combat and graphics but not as fun as the others map wise, very linear and short.