Deltarune: Chapter 2

released on Sep 17, 2021
by 8-4



An episode of Deltarune

Deltarune: Chapter 2 is the next installment of the sequel to beloved indie darling a different world! This time around, two more classmates join the protagonists in their adventure as they, too, discover a mysterious world hidden behind a door, called the "Cyber World".

Players with no save data will be able to start right at Chapter 2. “As long as you generally remember what happened story-wise, you’ll be fine,” the developers said in an FAQ.

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i did actually play this! it was good
better than chapter 1 but i think thats just because i always find intros weak
like "yeah yeah yeah i get it mechanics new characters whatever show me the INTERACTIONSSS" and this one had a lot of interactions
toby fox music is toby fox music, insert jerma clip (WARNING JERMA THUMBNAIL JUMPSCARE I JUST GOT MYSELF WITH IT)
i really enjoyed the location because im a COMPUTER NERD and i like COMPUTERS
story beats good except for the one scene with noelle and susie
some people say that toby fox is terrible at writing gay relationships, which in my opinion is a weird thing to say since he's written exactly 2
the royal guards in undertale and alphys and undyne
the royal guards are a very short "lol they're secretly gay for each other and you help them get more comfortable with one another" and i think thats fine
and then alphys and undyne honestly i thought was handled well enough
then of course deltarune chapter 1 noelle shows signs but nothing really comes of it but its obviously setting up some sort of romance
and then chapter two proceeds to take that romance and bash your skull with it
like i get its supposed to be a funny "lol its so silly with the romantic ferris wheel lol!!!" but honestly it came across, and i hesitate to use this word but i believe it to be the most fitting as a description, "cringe"
i dont know what toby fox is thinking regarding their relationship but fast-tracking it while being on the nose about it doesn't make the relationship fulfilling to witness
especially when they BARELY INTERACT in the rest of the game (i could be wrong about that because its been a while since i played but i really dont recall any other relationship-building scenes between them other than the fucking ferris wheel)
part of me wants to believe toby is doing this on purpose because this its just so fucking clunky
yeah thats a good word to describe it "clunky"
honestly you take this scene and compare it to kris and susie's friendship throughout the chapter (especially the last walk home) it becomes clear how lame it is to shove the romance into a 10 minute scene
like imagine if at the end of the chapter both susie AND noelle walked with kris
or even at the beginning she could've joined them on their way to the library
wouldve opened up SO MANY opportunities for susie and noelle to interact and actually develop some sort of relationship
yknow, like how kris and susie are getting time to develop their friendship
okay i need to stop im getting nowhere basically relationship sucks do better or subvert my expectations please
im gonna stop ranting and raving about the gays!!!!
individually i think every character gets characterized pretty well
you would expect berdly to be an incredibly annoying character but honestly he was fine
actually that kind of describes all the characters
"i thought they'd be annoying but actually they're pretty good"
idk im kind of running out of things to say
game good ferris wheel scene bad have you seen the music toby fox and itoki hana are making together? its pretty good
74 is a good twist song and sky forever blue was neat though im not sure it resonated with me as well as other people, musically it's beautiful and the music video is the one reason i might check out omori in the (probably not near) future
a new one came out and that one is pretty good too though the music video is freaky as shit
fun fact the male voice in 74 is toby fox himself
now imagine the dog with that voice
hehe funne

This review contains spoilers

CHAPTER 2 BABYYYY!!! Once again, my world absolutely collapsed when this was released and I stopped everything to play this basically the second it was released. Chapter 2 introduced more characters and made me fall in love with them. This chapter felt much more polished than chapter 1, along with just being funnier in general. What really sells me on Chapter 2 though, is the Snowgrave route.
Snowgrave is one of the best experiences I've had with Toby fox's games. It absolutely shook me to my core the tone switch and made me feel so horrible in the best way possible. Since the normal route and chapter 1 were very light-hearted, the sudden switch was so hard-hitting. I'm sad tough that I did have to look at a guide to complete the route since It was so easy to mess up and I think that ruined some of the experience. Still, A step up from chapter 1 for me, and made me even more hype for future chapters.

Even better than Chapter 1 IMO. I look forward to when the entire game is released so that it is possible to, in theory, play all of Deltarune all at once.
Rating: [85]

Grosse claque par rapport au premier chapitre, on sent le taffe qui a été fait et j'ai hâte que le jeu soit terminé

Recomendado (incluyendo el cap 1)