A full remake of Demon's Souls (2009) featuring improved graphics and animations, sound and lighting tweaks and a reimagining of many of the visual, musical and mechanical aspects of the original game.

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I've never played the original Demon's Souls, but being a fan of the Soulsborne series I was eager to play this after finally getting a PS5. From what I understand Bluepoint made mostly visual changes so I won't comment on those,, and tried to replicate the gameplay of the original with shiny new graphics.

I finally understand the indignation fans of Demon's Souls have that its been largely related to "Dark Souls Prototype"; its an extremely good game on its own merits. I was pleased that after countless playthroughs of Bloodborne, Sekiro, and Dark Souls 1-3 that's DeS doesn't baby the player with checkpoints and excessive shortcuts like it does in say Sekiro or Dark Souls 2. The game demands you fight from boss fight to boss fight, and it was a welcome challenge, adding extra layers of satisfaction such as when I beat the Penetrator and was delighted I didn't have to get past the 3 red knights that sat in front of his boss door anymore.

I found all of the levels visually interesting and varied, and to steal a line from matthewmatosis, found it refreshing that the levels felt designed like a real world place instead of seeming designed for the players convenience.

I liked all of the boss fights. Even tougher fights like the Maneaters or Flamelurker. This game made me come to the conclusion that Soulsborne fans need to stop complaining about "gimmick bosses". I was intrigued by how interesting the Archdemons were, and would have looked at the game less favorably if they were all basically the same as the Old King Allant fight. I'm now wondering if later entries that are stuffed with 1vs1 dodge roll boss fights is to the series detriment, even if I do love many of those fights.

Not everything with Demon's Souls lands, however. The estus system is already fantastic design, but getting rid of the grass makes it a home run. My playthrough was somewhat marred by the dread that dying after healing several times means that I wasted healing that I would have to eventually farm for. I also found the boss run to Old Monk to be incredibly tedious, not to mention Astraea's Plague Pit to be incredibly annoying considering you had to talk to her before she killed herself.

Overall, having finally experienced Demon's Souls, even if it's not the original, I can only applaud FromSoft's risky venture for getting so much right and providing the solid foundation to my favorite game series. The visuals are also utterly fantastic, and Bluepoint should be commended for this.

When I played the original demons's souls back in 2017, I wasn't too impressed. The lore was pretty cool but the areas and most of the bosses kinda sucked. At least it was still playable unlike DS2 but it was still one of the weakest souls games imo. This holds true for the remake except I am giving it an extra point because visually it looks amazing and the dualsense is awesome. You can still feel the jank of the original and some of the redesigns of the NPC's are kinda weird but that doesn't hold back that I think it is better than the original. Could have been better if it wasn't a remake of one of the weakest souls games lol. Also I am working on the Platinum for this, just finished my first playthrough, will come back when done

You know, contrary to popular belief I think Bluepoint should have changed even more about DeS. I don't think the base game is very good with some asinine systems at play like world tendency and item equip load that really bog it down. The visuals are stunning but it was just utterly held back by some real gameplay foibles.

Absolutely brilliant. Beautiful, dark, exciting. demanding but fair. And really not that difficult. Every gamer should give it a try.

This one isn't for me. I like Dark Souls and love Bloodborne, but Demon's Souls feels bad to play. You can feel its age at the worst of times. Plus, this remake does nothing to service the original.