A full remake of Demon's Souls (2009) featuring improved graphics and animations, sound and lighting tweaks and a reimagining of many of the visual, musical and mechanical aspects of the original game.

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Gorgeous remake that feels like it has a modern level of polish, though I never played the original and can't compare it. Compared to other Fromsoft games I can say this is a much more approachable and considerably easier outing. The level design isn't particularly complex and the enemies, especially the bosses, are much easier to deal with.

Overall, satisfying jaunt. Still a good action game and a superb visual feast.

An artistically uneven remake that only partially captures the feel of the original. That being said, the visuals are fantastic due to the graphical fidelity of the PS5. The absolute best part of this remake is the Storm King boss battle. This is the one shining part where everything comes together.

The vibes of the original are not fully preserved here, which is a downright shame, but I respect any effort to liberate games from the PlayStation 3 all the same. There's no real reason to avoid it, especially if you lack the means to play the original.

Ah, the father of Souls. The first flame, so to speak.

Demon's Souls was the game I hated the most when I was just a little brat. It took me perhaps 3-4 years to finally grow up and beat this. I got it in 2010, I remember it well.

Anyhow. This remake is simply amazing, and it was good to see the good ol' scenarios again, much fresher and beautiful than before. The controls didn't change much from what I remember, and I'm not planning on finishing this game (unfortunately) because I only had 1 week to do it. I don't have a PS5 and I was on a trip when playing it.

However, my opinion on this is the same as on the original Demon's Souls, and I'm assuming most of the stupid bugs and shit were fixed in this version.

Oh, the famous Dragon God fight still sucks ass lol.

Great remake. Runs great, plays great and most of all it plays differently when running a magic build than any other Souls game I've touched.

Loses a mark for stage 5-2 though.

Es un buen juego pero se nota que es el primer Souls porque tiene sus cosas reguleras (como lo de tener que farmear los objetos de curación, que encima hay muchos distintos). Aún así ha sido bastante disfrutable y mas en este remake que se ve de lujo.