Devil May Cry 2

released on Jan 25, 2003

Devil May Cry 2 is the sequel to Devil May Cry. From the start of the game, the player controls Dante or his new partner Lucia through various levels as they battle waves of demons. This game features an Amulet system, with different parts being acquired throughout the levels that can be equipped by accessing the pause menu. The different parts of the amulet can be equipped to change aspects of the characters Devil Triggers form like elemental moves, time stop abilities, faster movement, flight abilities, etc.

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Beat both discs, 31 missions, in 4 hours.
It's honestly a miracle this game was made at all. 95% of games would be worse than DMC2 if they were also made in under 6 months.
It doesn't mean this one is good.

vai tomar no cu quem defende essa merda

Eu dou o cu para 2050 comerem e gozarem dentro eu sou um arrombado eu tenho a minha bunda violentada a Cleide é uma mulher sem calcinha ele dá a bunda para vários homens e CAVALOS A CLEIDE DA A BUNDA PROS CAVALOS

A campanha da Lucia é 0,73% melhor do que a do Dante

overall devil may cry 2 is a pretty strong piece of video game history and that's why I just had to play it. this was a game that had some very neat ideas but those ideas became unfortunately butchered during the troubled developments cycle, theres some cool new enemy designs but they boil down to feeling like bullet sponges most of the time. theres a new armory of weapons to use and even implements a quick switch option for your guns, however the swords are just stat changes with no new moves or animations. it also attempts to add additional replay value by including a second disc with a second campaign from lucia's perspective, a really great idea for expanding upon this new character but once again loading it up your find that 90% of dante's levels, bosses. and enemies are just recycled and it really exemplifies how rushed and much of an afterthought this likely was. the narrative is also choppy and abridged at times and you really need to dig deep to find the more positive undertones that this story is trying to convey like dante's relationship with his father sprada and following him in his footsteps and lucia's relationship with her adoptive mother and working hard to be more than just a demonic construct. the game just doesnt focus enough on these two relationships if maybe the development was different and maybe if Hideaki Itsuno was brought on to lead the team earlier things would have been different