Fall Guys: Season 1 - Free for All

released on Jun 21, 2022

Welcome to Fall Guys: Season 1 - Free for All! You're invited to dive and dodge your way to victory in the pantheon of clumsy. Rookie or pro? Solo or partied up? Fall Guys delivers ever-evolving, high-concentrated hilarity and fun!

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a free to play economy in a game i bought, not the one

I truly am glad that more people are able to play Fall Guys starting with this season being free, it's a game that I still love in spite of everything. But man, this season really just turned one of my favorite multiplayer games into a money machine. All new costumes are outrageously priced, and the output of non-paid in-game currencies has been reduced to a trickle. After completing the season pass, aside from the occasional event the only way to actually earn anything substantial is from paying money to Epic Games. It's gross and bad, and sadly not going anywhere.

i played this game while eating my dino nuggies

Idk how but this game just began to become my brainrot for a couple of weeks.