released on Dec 10, 2019

A rogue-lite hack and slash dungeon crawler in which Zagreus, son of Hades the Greek god of the dead, attempts to escape his home and his oppressive father by fighting the souls of the dead through the various layers of the ever-shifting underworld, while getting to know and forging relationships with its inhabitants.

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Onw to true end, but the artstyle is so good the dialogue is very responsive to your action on each subsequence run/attempt, diverse arsenal with their own unique “aspect” that change their behaviour. But its not very roguelite cuz the room is the same, its just the order it appears and the enemy placement is different.

Soundtrack excelente, gameplay excelente.

I could spend hours talking about Hades, but I think a few sentences may sufice:
What a joy it was.
Thank you, Super Giant, for giving me one of the most amazing experiences I've ever had with a videogame. I will never forget what I lived during my playtime, and I will always cherish every moment I spent playing this masterpiece.
I couldn't be more excited for Hades II.

I played this game over the 2021 Christmas holiday, and I played it for so long and so intensely that it triggered my carpal tunnel and I had to wear a wrist brace for the next week.
I've never played a rouge-like before so this was a new genre to me, and I was surprised how much I liked the gameplay. The combat is fast-paced and fun, and I liked playing around with the different boons to try new builds.
The art-style, characters, and dialogue are all also chef's kiss.
Not sure what else there is to say. Other than I can't wait for the sequel.