Hyper Gunsport

released on Dec 22, 2022

An arcade action game about shooting a ball into a goal. It's cyberpunk volleyball with guns.

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having listened to this game's director Brandon Sheffield hype the game up for ages on his podcast, The Insert Credit Show, I was so glad to be able to play this game without having to deal with Stadia (RIP).

Mechanically difficult, shooting the ball is such a difficult task, but beating this game was very satisfying! Highly recommended Arcade mode.

Could not get four people rounded up to play this together with but playing the 2v2 mode with bots to help is the best way to play this when not having the adequet amount of players. Sadly 1v1 is dull unless you're playing a front-line character but they are not my preferred way to play.

Aesthetically stunning, smooth to control, but lacking in a true online mode or other expanded modes: Hyper Gunsport can be a bit of a tough sell with pricetag and scant features, but getting people to play this with you is an absolute treat; prime couch gaming.

Please release the OST, Necrosoft

The development of games that combine sports with fighting game mechanics is a genre I am very interesting in seeing.

This game is fun and looks amazing too. The music fits the style the game is going for and the characterization of the playable characters elevates. But unfortunately that's where I'm enjoyment ends.

This game has zero online. They only way to play this game with another is with remote play or together on one screen. Which was really a bad call.

I fully finished the game and now I see nothing stopping me from uninstall and never touching it again. At the price it is selling for on Steam, I would be annoyed at that. Luckily I got it in a bundle.

Games like this need online, playing against an AI is only fun for an hour or two. This would go hard if I could just play against randoms. Whether I'm good or bad, I could see and play against different types of playstyles that helps pass the time.

Also I will say, the gameplay is fun however some of the addon modes really suck and are just bad. Underwater and the one shot are really unfunny especially against an AI.

Personally I wouldn't recommend getting it unless you have a friend who can play with you or if you just like playing unique games.

Stylish, expressive, and funny, Hyper Gunsport is everything you could wish for in a PvP game to play with friends. Other areas of the game do feel a bit sparse—the single-player circuits are invigorating but easy to exhaust, and there's a notable absence of online matchmaking to test your skills against strangers—but if you're looking for a game to play while shooting the shit with pals, this is aces.