Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

released on Jan 09, 2010

Birth by Sleep is an action roleplaying game that introduces a gameplay aspect called the Command System, which allows players to customize a Command Deck with techniques and abilities that they can perform at will, called Deck Commands. Performing ordinary attacks and Commands fills a gauge displayed above the command deck that, when certain requirements are fulfilled, activates a Command Style that changes the player's basic attack command with the "Surge" command, which racks up powerful combos depending on what Command Style is activated. Filling the gauge with certain requirements a second time causes the character to change into an even higher level Command Style, which replaces the "Surge" command with the more powerful "Storm" command.

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I probably have at least 200 hours logged into this game. It was my favorite Kingdom Hearts entry for a long time. I'm really scared to replay it because now that I'm grown up, I think I would be able to exploit the command deck system and it wouldn't be as fun,

I do prefer the Final Mix version, but the original still holds up.

Solid entry. The interconnected stories were pretty cool, and helped make the game feel a bit more bite sized for mobile, but it did feel repetitive when i had to watch the same cutscenes over and over. I also wish they didn't hide the ending of the game behind completion.

played this one in the 1.5 + 2.5 collection, it was really, really fun and is most likely my favorite kingdom hearts game so far. charming characters, really interesting and enthralling lore, and a very, VERY fun combat system.

Gameplay divertida e com habilidades legais

Trilha sonora ótima

História boa e com personagens legais, principalmente os protagonistas, mas a parte Disney é irrelevante.

Tive que baixar um save da internet porque não entendi como desbloquear o final, até pesquisei, mas o que vi foi tão absurdo que preferi nem descobrir se era verdade.