Kingdom Hearts Final Mix

released on Dec 26, 2002

An expanded game of Kingdom Hearts

Originally released only in Japan on December 26, 2002, Kingdom Hearts Final Mix has several events and a number of gameplay tweaks that are not in previous releases. Spoken dialogue is in English, with Japanese subtitles. New scenes, clarifying certain plot points, such as Riku's journey and foreshadowing of Kingdom Hearts II, were included, but no new dialogue was recorded. A gameplay option allows the player to skip cutscenes after seeing them once. The optional bosses first included in the English version were introduced to Japanese players for the first time, along with a new fight against "Unknown Man," in an attempt to raise interest for the sequel.

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When you walk away.
You don't hear me say.

Great for anyone looking for a fun game with emo final fantasy character and derpy disney characters. As a huge fan of disney and final fantasy it cant get any more based than this!!

Destiny Islands and Hollow Bastion are still peak

The game that started this fantastic series and I love it for that. It's not my favorite game in the series but its the one I have the most nostalgia for and Sora is such a great protagonist don't care what people say.

future games are so much better, i like the story but its so hard to come back to because of how clunky and outdated gameplay feels

As I've gotten older my investment in the story has diminished quite a lot. However what makes this game so good is simply the combat, exploring levels, and collecting everything in sight.
The camera is at it's worst in this one but thankfully it's improved massively in future titles.