NEET Girl Date Night

released on Oct 21, 2022

Your friend sets you up on a date with his NEET Cousin Kara.

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sonic inflation is way better and philosophically denser

bought a sticker of this chick from the guys website because i thought it was funny. genuinely shocked to see he made a game of her. not surprised to hear it sucks

easily the worst game/vn i have ever played.
it panders to annoying, boring cookie cutter femcels that want to feel represented by a romanticized version of them. this is further proven by the sprite of the artist in the end of the game.
the background art is pretty, that is the only compliment i can give this game, but the sprites are ugly and static. there are also no CGs.
the choices you make in this game do not matter because the dialogue doesn't branch out and the outcome is always the same.
i disliked this project so much i unfollowed the artist on instagram. genuinely the worst 30 minutes of my life

nothing good about this genuinely terrible

this sucked. "Omg she is literally me" is not a reason to like something.