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A bilingual Japanese/English game-player/musician/dad dissecting game design, mechanics, localization, and altogether vibe. Or honestly most of the time I'm just making snide remarks on stuff tbh.
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Quick disclaimer: I was a backer for this game and participated in several backer exclusive betas and demos. I knew from the first time I saw the game that it would have sauce though and hot damn I was right, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't quite expect the game to go THIS hard.

Nine Sols pops off immediately with some of the most satisfying combat I've experienced since Sekiro and this only gets better throughout the game as the incredible bosses somehow just keep getting better and better.

The setting is insanely detailed and the Taiwanese/Tao influence is a fresh new idea you don't see a lot in modern gaming. Honestly I'm not typically a huge fan of 2d metroidvanias but this game shone through in every way and backtracking for bonus items and secrets managed to still feel fun even in the late game.

What surprised me most was how high level the story is. The game starts out feeling like a typical revenge deal, but gets extremely deep and emotional with some of the sickest twists I've seen in gaming. Not to mention some of the most interesting and developed characters I've experienced in media. On top of this, the music is God tier.

Red Candle absolutely delivered. Please play this game! I'm almost 99% sure it's my game of the year at this point.

Yo dawg I heard you like nine so I put nine persons in nine doors in nine hours so you can escape while you zero.
(Played in Japanese)

I was not expecting to love this as much as I did. It's not perfect for sure, but what it did right was more than enough to push it to 5 stars for me!

The combat felt THE best I've experienced in a soulslike outside of Fromsoft, even surpassing Dark Souls 2 or Lies of P for me. Aggro Crab just gets it somehow! My only gripe with the combat is just that the game got a little bit too easy towards the end. I think this is because you can unlock so many powerups that you get to a point where you can just mow enemies down without much trouble. I fought the final boss with full upgrades and took almost no damage (I didn't use assist mode a single time except to get the gun achievement post game). I would've loved to see a NG+ mode or boss rush to address this or just better scaling at least.

The platforming and movement were an absolute joy. Rolling around in one of the many incredibly creative shells and using the grappling hook had a great sense of speed. Sure some platforming sections could be janky but it never bothered me to the point of frustration. I wasn't even expecting the platforming going in so the level of quality it's at was a pleasant surprise. It also sounds like the team is hard at work on fixing bugs as well. Speaking of bugs, most of the ones I experienced just had to do with me getting launched after using certain moves. This also didn't happen often enough to frustrate me either.

The story is the other part that was a huge surprise. I was fully expecting the story to just be goofy crab shenanigans and there's for sure a lot of crab/ocean related humor that was mostly just fine and sometimes fell flat, but the main character actually goes through a lot of meaningful growth, the story gets pretty dark and serious, and it even had me on the verge of tears a few times. It wasn't a life changing story by any means, but it felt way more epic and meaningful than I could've anticipated.

The game also has a lot of references to other games which were kind of fun to discover though it felt like there were a little too many references at times. Now and then the attempts at humor even went a bit too far imo. Still, it was a great experience.

HIGHLY recommend this game to anyone who enjoys soulslike games or is looking for a challenge/different experience. I have heard about more bugs on other platforms so it could be worth waiting a while for more bug fixes. I'm feeling pretty strongly that this'll be my GOTY this year.