No More Heroes

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The journey to become the #1 assassin begins with a single slice. No More Heroes is the story of Travis Touchdown. He has received orders to kill a vagabond. In front of him appears the handsome assassin Helter Skelter. After a fierce skirmish, Travis eliminates Skelter, upon which Silvia Christel arrives. She informs Travis that his victory was done without UAA permission, but he nonetheless becomes the 11th best assassin. And so Travis’s journey begins. No More Heroes will offer an exhilarating action experience, a thrilling scenario, stylish visuals, and sounds.

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The gameplay is really funny, the story has a nice concept and made me laugh, but that open world grindeness is awful, a lot of tedious fetch quests to do just to progress, kinda ruins the pace, and the vehicle controls sucks

one of the most unique and wacky games i've ever played, only second to its threequel. travis touchdown is so fun to watch and listen to and the writing and voice direction here is superb. gameplay loop is great and enjoyable, which is the cherry (or should i say the strawberry) on top of it being the driving force for you to progress to the next perfectly voiced and animated cutscene. a few of the bosses made me want to blow my brains out but it was all worth it in the end.
i didn't expect perfection nor did i get it but this satirical portrayal of so many things wrapped up into a bundle of fuckery is absolutely brilliant. its a game that's equally profound and absurd and i think everybody needs to play it

p.s. thanks brando for introducing me to this series

Fun fun fun, just a great game all around, told a lot for looky kinda janky, some things felt a bit too gta-y

Namoral esse jogo é pra transar namoral, que jogo bom, vai se foder

i thought "slash with the wiimote to kill the enemy" mechanic would get old real quick but no, it was fun the whole game

while the job minigames were ok at first having to do them before every boss fight got tiring real quick
either way the story, music, gameplay and characters more than make up for it

Suda51 is one of the most unique and creative game designers ever, and this game is a prime example of it. I can't imagine anyone disliking this game, there’s so much charm and love in this game that you'll forgive all the janky in it.