The journey to become the #1 assassin begins with a single slice. No More Heroes is the story of Travis Touchdown. He has received orders to kill a vagabond. In front of him appears the handsome assassin Helter Skelter. After a fierce skirmish, Travis eliminates Skelter, upon which Silvia Christel arrives. She informs Travis that his victory was done without UAA permission, but he nonetheless becomes the 11th best assassin. And so Travis’s journey begins. No More Heroes will offer an exhilarating action experience, a thrilling scenario, stylish visuals, and sounds.

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Extremely enjoyable, definitely a once-in-a-lifetime type of game, and not really repayable. But the one time you have is truly unlike anything else. I've done a lot of time analysing NMH on a more thematic level and once you do that you realise that the game is quite meta and insightful with its themes centred on how much ultra-violence desensitised an era of people because of video games, how people can get so caught up with their ego and escapism that they lose the will to help others or even care others. A game against individualism at an extreme level. It's a truly great game with some fun gameplay to back it especially for the wii. Controls are surprisingly intuitive as well it really compliments it.

Greatly addictive button masher. But the best part about it is that Suda didn't make any pointless sequels to it. Just imagine if that was the case.

The gameplay gets repetitive after a while and that grind be like a 90's rpg but it has some fun ass bosses and the game is just hilarious, Feeling a strong 8. That ending crazy too don't get me twisted 😭

There's nothing I don't like about this game. Even the boring parts like doing a part time job I feel are supposed to be boring because y'know, that's what having a shitty part time job is like!
I love how the game looks with it's bold black shadows (which are dark grey on switch for some reason), how it sounds with FUCKING AMAZING tracks for both bosses and general encounters, motion controls work from what I've tried on the Wii version and the difficulty doesn't really escalate until the final final boss.
Please play it OR just listen to the ost.

This game is unusual for a game on the Wii (like Suda games it’s out of the norm by a lot of people). It’s very silly and I like me a silly time, but the story while short nails what it wants to do of killing the past seen in many of Suda’s games. The soundtrack is a banger and a fun time to listen to and the gameplay for a hack and slash I felt was simple but addictive. I would love to experience this game for the first time. I love you SUDA51