The journey to become the #1 assassin begins with a single slice. No More Heroes is the story of Travis Touchdown. He has received orders to kill a vagabond. In front of him appears the handsome assassin Helter Skelter. After a fierce skirmish, Travis eliminates Skelter, upon which Silvia Christel arrives. She informs Travis that his victory was done without UAA permission, but he nonetheless becomes the 11th best assassin. And so Travis’s journey begins. No More Heroes will offer an exhilarating action experience, a thrilling scenario, stylish visuals, and sounds.

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This game will give you lots of moe power!!!

the pc port stinks, but I had fun rubbing my sword

I’m definitely partial because this is one of my absolute favourites. There’s something about the style of character action game with simple button mashing, dodging and motion controls that I genuinely love and can get behind. The story is bizarre and constantly throwing out curveballs, the boss fights interesting and memorable. There’s some lulls inbetween fights and playing this on a blank file was a little monotonous, getting Gold for every mission seemed like a decent idea when grinding was on the table. I still can’t get my head around the challenge missions where 1 hit means death.

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While it is messy in a lot of places, No More Heroes 1 is an entertaining enough time thanks to its unique style and entertaining premise.

For a game that released on the Wii I was shocked as to just how well the game held up graphically. This is mainly because of how unique it looks for the console, featuring a lot of impressive shadow work and characters that really pop (though the open world can look a bit dull). Speaking of characters that's another spot where the game absolutely shines, with Travis Touchdown being a fun protagonist (who's also an absolute fucking dork) and each of the assassins being entertaining bosses (my favorite being Dr Peace). The engaging combat definitely helps in this regard, never getting repetitive due to just how satisfying it becomes, with the combination of the Katana stances and wrestling moves creating an experience that I can say is truly unique (also getting those multi kills is satisfying as all hell). Last thing to mention is the absolute banger of an OST, with special mention going to the phenomenal main theme N.M.H.

As fun as general combat can be, it's ironic to say that NMH1s biggest issue IS the bosses themselves. While they're all oozing charm and remain a highlight, actually fighting them is a mess. A combination of way too much health and some truly abysmal gimmicks (I fucking despise Holly Summers) makes getting to these bosses more a letdown than an actual reward. Out of the 10 bosses I only really enjoyed Shinobu (a satisfying duel with an amazing setting) and the true final boss Henry (an even better duel which really tests your knowledge of the game). Not helping manners is just how fucking GRINDY the game is, with a majority of the game being spent grinding money to even access these fights. In a shocking twist the actual shitty jobs weren't an issue, as most of them are really easy and don't waste much time (besides Bomb Collecting and Scorpion hunting). The bigger issue is the assassination jobs having dogshit payouts until super late in the game alongside an open world that feels absolutely terrible to navigate (get sprint ASAP). Combine that with all the upgrades and you will be forced to grind for a solid chunk of the 12 hour runtime (I would estimate about half my time was spent grinding). Last thing to note is the actual story, or moreso a lack thereof. Travis for sure grows as a character and his relationship with Sylvia does get pretty interesting near the end but besides that you are left with crumbs for a good majority. Not until the literal LAST TWO BOSSES does the game decide to dump a truckload of backstory that I honestly did not care for because of how late it occurred.

Despite those myriad of issues the first No More Heroes is still a decent time all around. Suda 51 isn't a creator I absolutely adore but I do understand why so many flock to him because of this game (and also Killer 7). A solid start to a cult franchise.


If you don't look into that much this title can seem pretty underwhelming. But if you look into the story a bit you can read into a great satire on video games as a whole.

the biggest blast i had on the wii, and although i don't think playing it on a newer gen console hits the same, the comedy, travis touchdown is an amazing main character that i absolutely worship. genuinely peak videogame