Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes

released on Jan 18, 2019

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes is the third game in the No More Heroes series.

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Worth it just for the Visual Novel sections.

interesting concept and the gameplay is decent
but I hate the idea of a game that exists to prove to a company that people are willing to spend money on a property

Extraño complemento de la saga que rinde homenaje a la industria de antaño y juegos indis con continuas referencias y guiños a elementos e iconos de los más reconocidos en el medio, atreviéndose a emular una mezcla del género arcade con otros ya conocidos y a través de una trama que no brillará por relevancia, si no por excéntrica, absurda y una extraña originalidad que juguetea con la cuarta pared.

This game is a meta commentary on game development and SUDA 51's personal food blog and also a cannon sequel to every game Suda's ever directed.
You might think it's pretentious from that description, but pretentiousness implies a lack of intelligence in realizing the game's intended scope. If you know what's up with Goichi Suda, you'll be delighted to know that the game successfully fully realizes all that it sets out to do and it's fucking awesome. It's a cherry on top of the life's work of a Director/Producer who celebrates the medium of video games, and more importantly, knows what makes games cool.
I'm not kidding when I say you have play like 11 games before this to fully understand what's going on -- it's primarily billed as a side game, but also required reading to No More Heroes; as a way to end the hiatus of the series and hype up it's fully numbered sequel that came out the next year. It's also an open love letter to Devolver Games by having the fucking Hotline Miami dudes work on a bit in the game and you can wear Devolver shirts and I think Suda says at some point "Hey you should let me make a game for you guys." through Travis or the Rambling Old Man (who is the best character in the game).
I have yet to talk about the gameplay because frankly it's irrelevant. You button spam your way across levels in a top down perspective. It's couch co-op which is cool. It's a big ask to have 2 people in the same room who are fully in on the plot of No More Heroes and Killer 7 and Killer Is Dead and Flower, Sun and Rain and Lollipop Chainsaw and Shadows of the Damned and the 25th Ward and Let It Die and the 25th Ward: The Silver Case and maybe other things I didn't get the reference to -- but if you can manage that, you have a good ass friend.
It's the most commercially niche product I have ever seen in my life. It is baffling how this game exists, It does though and it's a love letter to fucking art weirdos who celebrate the grittyness and underlooked aspects of game dev and independent gaming. The true artistry and humanity that can shape lives and cultures.
I recommend this game to those who are willing to go on a gaming journey through SUDA51's work and then tying it up the collective experience with this title. It is worth it. It is beautiful. It's fucking a lot. It is TRAVIS STRIKES AGAIN.